Les Farms

About US (the Farmers)

We are a young same sex couple embarking on an amazing adventure of self sufficiency and animal husbandry. We’ve dreamed since we were young children on having farm and raising our children knowing where their food comes from, and respecting the process it takes to get there.

Sure we aren’t your ‘typical’ farmers (being lesbians and all), but we can do anything we put our heads and hearts to. We’ve been together now for 9 1/2 years, and are newly-weds and getting ready to start a family.

Farming is something our parents and grandparents were brought up doing. Chicken keeping is a very old hobby that is now seeing a come back. More and more young people are keeping a small backyard flock, and we strive to provide those new enthusiastic hobbiests with the healthy, happy and gorgeous birds they so want to have.

Of course we also cater to seasoned chicken keepers, but the newbies are where our heart is.

We all have to start somewhere! Why not here at Les Farms?



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