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My Experience with the Brinsea EcoGlow Brooders

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To mark a very awesome contest we are holding on our Facebook Page thanks to Brinsea’s generous offer to sponsor our contest, here is a review of their product!

 photo _MG_6923.jpg
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks relaxing under the Brinsea EcoGlow 20

As you all know, in February we had a terrible fire due to overloaded extension cords resulting from heating brooders, waters, etc. Well clearly after that horrific experience we wanted to improve our methods of heating our chicks. We did a lot of research online about the Brinsea EcoGlow units, and I placed an order back in April. A couple weeks later my package arrived containing my four units that heat 20 chicks a each. Seriously, I should have ordered the EcoGlow 50!

I put the EcoGlows right to work, heating our chicks inside the house, as temperatures outside still dipped past freezing overnight. One downfall about this product is that it is recommended not to be used in temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit ~ or 10 Degrees Celsius. The room temperature has to be at least 50F to heat sufficiently for newly hatched chicks. I’d tell you that I believe they state this just so they have their back covered, However, I don’t want to be blamed if you follow my experience and lose chicks because of it, so let’s keep it in the 50’s okay? I have let it dip down to the high 30’s and the chicks were warm and toasty. It wasn’t drafty, which is important.. it’s important to keep chicks draft free no matter what you decide to heat with.

These units would most likely work better for smaller operations because of this. How many of you brood your chicks inside the house? I assume quite a few of you do.. So there is no worries about the temperature minimum requirement. Since we brood our chicks in the barn, we had even designed a room in there that can be heated while the rest of the barn remains unheated.. just to run our EcoGlows year round.. That is just how much we love these units!

The dimensions of the EcoGlow 20 are: Length 13” (320mm), Width 8.5” (207mm), Height 8.5” (210mm). Weight 1.65 Lbs (750g).

The power consumption is remarkably low at 20 Watts! A traditional heat lamp bulb is 175 – 250 Watts. That’s only the bulb. The 20 Watts is the entire EcoGlow 20 unit.

Not only do the chicks thrive with this unit, I feel very safe leaving it on day and night without feeling anxious that it could cause a fire.

The EcoGlow allows for natural sleep cycles. The chicks will sleep all night under the warmth of the EcoGlow. If you have ever had to wean chicks off of the heat lamp, I am sure you know the distress they go through in the transition. Loud crying every night until they are used to the natural daylight cycle.

Despite the small dimensions, this unit does really heat 20 chicks until they no longer need the heat. It acts similarly to a broody hen. The chicks go under it as they need warmth, and come out when they need to eat, drink and scratch around. It only took a few days for our chicks to realize that the EcoGlow is an awesome place to roost.

This is one of the downfalls of using the EcoGlow over a traditional heat lamp.. There is poop that inevitably gets on the top of the product.

 photo _MG_5388.jpg
A Partridge Silkie enjoying the top of the EcoGlow as they tend to do at this age.

 photo _MG_7137.jpg
Two EcoGlow 20’s being used to rear 40 chicks in our brooder.

Have you ever reared chicks that were prone to flip? If you have not, you are lucky. I have had my fair share of ‘flippers’. This describes chicks who tend to flip onto their back and have trouble righting themselves the first few days, due to their belly being swollen and heavy from absorbing the yolk. Under a heat lamp they would often over heat and inevitably die while I was at work, not able to check on them every hour or so. Not with the EcoGlow!

Here in Canada you can order the EcoGlow’s from C. Botkin Enterprises  and if you live in the USA you can order them directly from the Brinsea website. But really, you should participate in our contest to WIN your very own Brinsea EcoGlow 20 in our Cutest Baby Poultry contest! Contest deadline is August 21st 2013, so submit your pictures on our Facebook Wall.


  • Max THREE pictures per person
  • MUST be your picture!
  • Can be a chick, poult, keet, duckling or gosling.
  • Please describe your baby chicks. Let us know what they are: breed and species. If you do not know what breed, just let us know. Others will ask, so it’s best to mention it in your submission 🙂
  • Picture size should be at least 400 x 600, but can be larger.
  • You must LIKE our Facebook Page
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