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Busy Busy!

I have been busy, but that’s no excuse 😉 I just haven’t been motivated to write lately. We are doing well. We had our first attack from the sky and nearly lost George Jr. I was at work, and did not experience the awfulness, but he is alive – and that’s all that matters.

This weekend I am keeping my crested birds in. I can’t risk them not seeing an attack coming. It’s going to be cold anyway.. Time to think about covered runs for the silkies 😦

Who by the way, are looking very nice this fall.

Here’s Edna @ 24 weeks old. She is that one I hatched. late May.

Stevie – 24 weeks.

Agatha – 25 weeks


Phyllis – 27 weeks (23 in the picture)<3

Milton 24 weeks


Penny.. and Penny.. and Penny……

The call drake.

His 2 girls.

Rosa – 26 weeks

Tilly 26 weeks

and finally WINSTON! Our gander! This guy travelled 30+ hours to get to us. I mean Tilly & Rosa.. 😛