Les Farms

My Beauty Queen!


Does everyone remember Phyllis? Well she is really filling in well. I am very happy with her development thus far. She is 20 weeks old and a real beauty queen.

She will be attending her second show this year. Now she is ready. She has been practising her positioning this past week. Standing JUST right. Making her mother (me) weep for joy.

Someone give that girl a gold star.


4 thoughts on “My Beauty Queen!

  1. Wow she is a beautiful girl. I love partridge silkies, I can see why she makes her Momma proud:)

  2. Hi, there. I am enjoying your site so much! I too keep many different types of poultry. Do you sell hatching eggs and day-olds? I live on PEI. I am always looking for new stock to add to my flocks. Thanks so much. Chris

  3. A very beautiful and proud beauty queen 🙂

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