Les Farms


My Beauty Queen!

Does everyone remember Phyllis? Well she is really filling in well. I am very happy with her development thus far. She is 20 weeks old and a real beauty queen.

She will be attending her second show this year. Now she is ready. She has been practising her positioning this past week. Standing JUST right. Making her mother (me) weep for joy.

Someone give that girl a gold star.



I’m Still Alive!

Sorry about the delay guys. I need to take the time and write out a proper entry, but until then.. enjoy this video of Betty picking on Gigi.

If anyone has fancy crested breeds, you’ll understand how this can restrict their vision and in turn make them crazy. Well Gigi was paranoid. Someone was ALWAYS following him, even when they were not. I had to help the guy out. He loves his new do, but Betty doesn’t.