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Penny, Penny and Penny


Penny has been driving me up the wall lately with her attempts at escaping the silkie pen.. and shortly after, trying to get back in like an idiot who forgot where she got out in the first place!

So I spent Friday cutting little holes that were Penny sized all around the silkie pen. Two holes weren’t enough. Penny still got out and forgot how to get back in.

So she would just wait around for me to come back and open the door.

That was that. I cut holes in between every. single. fence. post. There. That should do it.
Penny was now free to come and go as she pleased (which was often).

Mama had to free range with them as well. Flora Mae enjoyed the grass and didn’t feel as out of her element as I expected. Seeing as she never met the standard birds before now.

Penny and Penny and Penny enjoyed the crisp cucumbers I brought down as a treat..

The Pennies enjoyed outnumbering the big guys.

Which made Carlton feel a little insecure…

The ducks watched with baited breath. They enjoyed ganging up on a stray Penny. Little brats.. I put them all on time out.

Marge was free to scout out her old dusting spots. She had to show Penny where and how to dust bathe.

Jagger was excited to see Marge.

But I think Marge was much more excited to see Jagger.

However, Jagger was distracted by the possessive silkie who continued to flog him when he stepped near Penny.

So this weekend was busy. We cleaned out the entire barn again. Deep litter is just not for me!
I did get some time to photograph all my babies like I do every weekend. Here are some of my favourite shots from this week! Enjoy!

Scotty Mac – 15 weeks old

Gretta & Phyllis – 15 weeks old.

Everyone loves a fluffy butt pillow!

Skittles ❀

Spock – 14 weeks

Lorraine with her brood of 11 (ages are between 3 and 1 week – she takes anything I give her lol)

Black Ameraucana

Carl Jr. Looking mighty fine! They have started to lay already πŸ˜€

Silver Laced Wyandotte – 7 weeks

Sizzle – 7 weeks

Sizzle – 7 weeks

Stanley – 25 weeks

Bruce – 12 weeks

Roger – 19 weeks

Brian – 14 weeks

Jaycie – 15 weeks

Tilly & Rosa – 14 weeks (how cute are they?!)

Cochin x BR pullet – 15 weeks

Frilkie – 15 weeks

Betty – 12 weeks – chasing butterfly πŸ˜€

Jagger with son (left) This boy is only 15 weeks old! HUGE!

Lots of silkies. They were supposed to be eating some grass.. Instead they just piled up and waited for me to stick them back in their pen of safety :/

Agatha (crooked beak)

Silkie – 12 weeks

Silkie – 12 weeks

Same girl – 12 weeks

Barbara – 19 weeks

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5 thoughts on “Penny, Penny and Penny

  1. Oh I see Stanley now! Wow!!! Now I know what my boy will look like when he’s grown!!!
    And your turken, Brian. OMG SO CUTE. I love how his name is Brian too, so funny.
    And then this comment “They were supposed to be eating some grass.. ” LOL My silkies never want to leave the pen when I free range them too LOL

    • Stanley is a looker πŸ˜€ I love his tail best ❀
      I stole that name from someone on BYC – the name made me laugh. It's way too simple haha
      Silkies never go where you want them to, do they? πŸ˜›

  2. Aoxa, I found your site through the link in your signature on Backyard Chickens, and am having so much fun paging through your blog! I write a blog as well, and though it’s not specifically about chickens I may have to warn my readers that it may turn into a backyard farming blog before long πŸ˜‰ Great pics, joy to read!

    • Thanks! I really appreciate that πŸ™‚ If I cooked, I’m sure I would add that in here. When I start my garden next year, there will be details. I guarantee it πŸ˜€

      Right now we are pretty much all about the birds in our house (at least I am). My fiancΓ©e is a wonderful cook though πŸ™‚ That’s why I don’t.

      • That’s a good reason not to cook! I’m hoping my kids will learn someday soon and help their mama out πŸ˜‰ My 4 year old does want to be a chef, so there’s hope!

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