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Over the next little bit I will be doing a few changes to the way my blog looks. Bear with me. It will be a process, but in time it will be so much more organized! I’m in the middle of preparing a tour for the barn, bios on each breed I focus on (as well as my individual chickens – especially the pet crew).

I am going to be blogging more frequently once I work out all the kinks. Hope you will stay tuned 🙂

Until then.. Enjoy this picture of Bonnie’s broody glare.. Yeah.. another broody.. *faints*



My New Nesting Boxes!

Things change on a daily basis in my coop.. The nesting boxes were built last weekend and have been moved around a few times. Right now we took one out completely and they share six nesting boxes in the main coop.. The boxes themselves are big enough for two hens to share.

Though Eedie would not approve of sharing.

Our coop received much needed TLC this weekend. Windows were cleaned, cobwebs removed. The storage part of the barn was organized and cleaned. The silkie coop was given a 5 ladder roost, and George received his very own pen. He has been in a big kennel until we fixed this up for him. The girls and boys beat up on him. Especially Penny and Marge. They just hate poor George..

More pictures to come of all the work we did later today!

Meanwhile.. Betty (or Mr. Betty) is enjoying quality time with his mama.


Penny, Penny and Penny

Penny has been driving me up the wall lately with her attempts at escaping the silkie pen.. and shortly after, trying to get back in like an idiot who forgot where she got out in the first place!

So I spent Friday cutting little holes that were Penny sized all around the silkie pen. Two holes weren’t enough. Penny still got out and forgot how to get back in.

So she would just wait around for me to come back and open the door.

That was that. I cut holes in between every. single. fence. post. There. That should do it.
Penny was now free to come and go as she pleased (which was often).

Mama had to free range with them as well. Flora Mae enjoyed the grass and didn’t feel as out of her element as I expected. Seeing as she never met the standard birds before now.

Penny and Penny and Penny enjoyed the crisp cucumbers I brought down as a treat..

The Pennies enjoyed outnumbering the big guys.

Which made Carlton feel a little insecure…

The ducks watched with baited breath. They enjoyed ganging up on a stray Penny. Little brats.. I put them all on time out.

Marge was free to scout out her old dusting spots. She had to show Penny where and how to dust bathe.

Jagger was excited to see Marge.

But I think Marge was much more excited to see Jagger.

However, Jagger was distracted by the possessive silkie who continued to flog him when he stepped near Penny.

So this weekend was busy. We cleaned out the entire barn again. Deep litter is just not for me!
I did get some time to photograph all my babies like I do every weekend. Here are some of my favourite shots from this week! Enjoy!

Scotty Mac – 15 weeks old

Gretta & Phyllis – 15 weeks old.

Everyone loves a fluffy butt pillow!

Skittles ❤

Spock – 14 weeks

Lorraine with her brood of 11 (ages are between 3 and 1 week – she takes anything I give her lol)

Black Ameraucana

Carl Jr. Looking mighty fine! They have started to lay already 😀

Silver Laced Wyandotte – 7 weeks

Sizzle – 7 weeks

Sizzle – 7 weeks

Stanley – 25 weeks

Bruce – 12 weeks

Roger – 19 weeks

Brian – 14 weeks

Jaycie – 15 weeks

Tilly & Rosa – 14 weeks (how cute are they?!)

Cochin x BR pullet – 15 weeks

Frilkie – 15 weeks

Betty – 12 weeks – chasing butterfly 😀

Jagger with son (left) This boy is only 15 weeks old! HUGE!

Lots of silkies. They were supposed to be eating some grass.. Instead they just piled up and waited for me to stick them back in their pen of safety :/

Agatha (crooked beak)

Silkie – 12 weeks

Silkie – 12 weeks

Same girl – 12 weeks

Barbara – 19 weeks

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Sizzles, Houdans and More!

First off, let me start by apologizing for being MIA for 2 weeks. It’s been very busy around here. As you may have gathered from my last post, we have expanded to a massive size. It’s just getting bigger by the day. I am loving every moment of it.

Clementine did us proud for the first time last night. Just after midnight, Susan and I were cursing at Koda for barking at what we thought was Dylan upstairs getting something to eat. He continued to bark for five minutes before we started yelling up to Dylan to put his bark collar (citronella spray) on because we needed to sleep. Dylan said that Clementine was freaking out. We are used to Clem barking at night. She barks almost every hour, but it is a distinguishable bark. Not erratic or desperate like this sound we were experiencing for the first time.

Dylan went outside to check what was getting her all riled up. It was a STRAY DOG. Clementine was bouncing off the kennel trying to get at this beagle who was sniffing around the barn. After a few tries, Dylan caught the dog and Susan called our neighbour who was responsible. If I was left to talk to this neighbour, things would have been said. Curses would have been uttered.. Susan is very calm and collected when I am just not.. She explained that this dog can not be on our property because we have livestock and he said Okay. No apologies. Next time the dog goes to the pound. If the dog hurts a chicken, it goes to a pound an hour away. I am not putting up with this shit.

Sorry.. Rant over.. Some people..

Clementine is really starting to grow on me. She is used to the kennel, and gets out daily for a good run. She is not old enough to trust alone with the poultry yet. I need to wait until her puppy energy subsides. She is very playful right now. When we supervise, she ignores the poultry. That is a good sign. It has to be. She has never shown aggression to them, but did show playfulness which is just as dangerous when working with livestock so breakable.

Now on to the County Fair pictures. We took 12 of our birds to a chicken show hosted in Petitcodiac, NB on August 3rd & 4th. We bathed, clipped nails (and beaks) and blew dry most of those 12. Gigi didn’t get a bath, because he was pristine.

We brought:

He was Disqualified for vulture hocks. I don’t see them in this picture, but they were visible (though not stiff like the definition states), so I was a little bummed about that. I think he is beautiful.

Eedie & Lynette – Who were also both DQ for leg colour. I knew they would be, but Jamie said to put them in anyway. The legs are not that hard to breed out if I have a proper coloured rooster. Stanley has slate legs. Hopefully we will get babies with slate legs and pure white. White to white produces white. It should be a worthwhile project!

We brought Phyllis – She won BV for partridge!

We brought Gretta – She won 3rd place – but she was up against Jamie’s GORGEOUS birds.

I mean really.. That’s just not fair! 😛

We brought Skittles – Who WON Champion in her class! GO SKITTLES!

Here she is with her ribbon!

Gigi won Reserve Champion Continental (second place after Skittles).

We took the frilkie boy (right) and he took BV as well, but was the only frizzled silkie, so yeah 😉

We took both Barbaras (We call them both Barbara – and sometimes Brenda if I forget the name Barbara)

The bigger Barbara took best in breed.

We took both Rogers (again same as the Barbara thing).

This Roger took 2nd

This Roger was placed before or after the smaller Barbara.. I am just confusing you now.. Just look at the pretty pictures 🙂

That’s it for the show.. We did well for the first one. After everyone admired and commented on our Mottled Houdans, we called up the breeder and bought 8 more chicks. Every single chick he had.

Did I mention that we also bought 7 bantam Ameraucana from Jamie last week? Oh yes.. There is that too..

The cockerel is Blue.

One pullet is blue (my favourite)

Two are black

One is splash.

There are two backup roosters in case anything happens to the best one.

The call ducks are adorable, though a little mean. Especially to anything smaller than them.

Lorraine has a brood of 7 chicks (6 silkies + 1 smooth sizzle).

We had to create a pen for more chicks.. Sigh.. Here is something I threw together pretty quickly. It works really well. We have an unknown # in there. Under 30 I would say.. Yeah, definitely under 30.

The sizzles are looking awfully sizzley 😀

And we got our first blue egg!

Just some pictures from the last two weeks bellow. Hope my blog posts aren’t too overloaded with pictures. I believe in the saying “A picture says a thousand words”.

3 silkies, 1 sizzle (Lorraine had a staggared hatch and I had to incubate her remaining 4 eggs, all hatched despite nearly 2 weeks of high humidity and no turning. I thought they were due way before they hatched.

Sizzle (2.5 weeks)

Mottled Houdan (2 weeks)

2.5 week old chicks.

4 Week old EE

6 week old pullets (SLW & BR).

McChicken (10 weeks)

Again ❤

Dustbathing RSL pullets (3 weeks)

Barred rock x Cochin pullet (14 weeks)

Barred Rock x Cochin Cockerel (14 weeks)

Adorable blue partridge girl

Silkie (blue or black? I don’t know..)

I’m going with blue… 11 weeks old

Barred Rock x Cochin boys

Rosa ❤


6 week old call ducks


Sleepy broody chicks..


Okay.. That’s enough for today.. Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment bellow ❤