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How Many Chickens Do I Have Now?!! WHAT!?

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Yes.. I am shocked and amazed with how much our farm has grown over the last little bit.. After Friday’s hatch – we are up to 132 birds total. How is that even possible you ask? Well, Marge and Flora Mae are proud mothers of 21 little munchkins. I bought 19 Pennies (RSLs) to keep up with demand for our eggs. We were even asked to supply a corner store with farm fresh free-range eggs. This is going to be a fun project, but right now there are a lot of ages mixed in together.

You recall the silkie pen correct?

Well now it is the pen where the silkies are, as well as the broodies, and the injured hens.. It’s a big mixture of things.

Dott hurt her hip or leg pretty badly a couple of weeks ago. It could have been caused by the boys chasing her around and mating her, or she could have hopped down from the roosts the wrong way, but it was causing a lot of problems for her with the boys. An injured hen should not be pursued by that many roosters if she is to heal. She now has nothing to worry about, and is limping less and less every day.

She is in the silkie pen with the broodies and the silkies.. and the chicks..

As are Penny and Harriet. Harriet has a growth on her eye and does not fare well with the big chickens picking on her. Penny needs a break from all the roosters as well.. I really need to do something about all those boys! They need a pen of their own!

So total in the silkie pen is: 51.

We’ve expanded it so it takes up this part of the barn as well.

Here is Marge loving her new role as mother. Flora continues to flog her. The babies seem to favour Marge as cooler mom.

Steve still continues to father all the kids. Here is one of my favourite looking ones. I believe the colour is called Calico.

Here is a blue partridge girl.


Various others.

Heheheh.. 😀

I have more pictures to go through, so you will be seeing more of all these chicks.. Be prepared. They are adorable overload.


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