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Who says Barred Rocks Don’t Go Broody?

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Or Rhode Island Reds for that matter!
Either I am a broody magnet, or my layers are giving me a tough go..

Both Ruby and Marge have been broody for a full 3 weeks. They started sitting only days apart. Marge has hatched out three, and Ruby was left to sit on golf balls – because today I am picking up 10 Red Sex Links for her to raise. How cute will it be to see a true heritage Rhode Island Red have a brood of the fake ones. I think it’s going to be something else!

Ruby all settled on her nest.

Marge taking care of her first two chicks. The other one finally zipped this morning. I haven’t seen it yet, was just informed by Dylan that Flora Mae stole the egg and Marge was in a different nest box entirely. Crisis averted.. He locked Flora Mae in her cage until I get home.

Who is Flora Mae you ask? Oh that’s right.. I didn’t mention her.. She is Lorraine’s mother. I bought her from Hallus for $5. She was already broody when I brought her home.

Right now we have 4 broodies. Lorraine, Flora Mae, Ruby and Marge.. They are all in their separate cages in the silkie enclosure.
*sigh* it’s hard to keep track of all these age groups!

(just got a text from Dylan.. “Miss Jackson is broody..” – Miss Jackson being Janet.. – facedesk-)

We have two frizzled chicks from Harriet & George! Party down! 😀

Oh and did I mention the call ducks yet? Well..

Macy was broody.. Her eggs were starting to smell (not fertile, unless Carlton is really a duck and just looks like a chicken). So I went out and bought her 12 little call ducks to call her own.. She was having none of that! She quickly aborted her attempt at starting a family – excuses were many.. they were too loud.. too many.. too needy.. She wanted out. So I let her out.. She didn’t even attempt to nest again.

Family planning 101: Have a teen that wants to get pregnant at 16? Find twin toddlers to stick with her for a weekend. Teenage pregnancy averted.

Anyway.. They are oh so adorable and perfect! Except they make a HUGE mess.. HUGE. SMELLY. MESS.

Don’t let them fool you.. They are monsters that smell like farts.


But oh so cute…

Also added more chicks that I found on sale.. $2.50 a pop! I got 4 barred rock females and 2 straight run Silver Laced Wyandottes. I bought 20 and sold 14 – making a profit by selling them for $6 a chick (they were 3 weeks old or so). I got paid to keep 6 of them. $40 profit! How awesome is that? I only had the other 14 for 16 hours.

They begged me to get rid of the ducks.. Seeing as they all live in the same brooder.. I figured out a way to somewhat control the mess.. More on that later..

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One thought on “Who says Barred Rocks Don’t Go Broody?

  1. Wow, Flora Mae is a beauty. Monsters that smell like farts, lmao!!!

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