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The Cochin X Barred Rocks

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There is something about these guys that I love. I kept all five of Mabel & Jagger’s kids from that first hatch. Any roosters will be used as meat. The pullets – I will keep ONE and give ONE to Jaqueline (a very good friend of mine). If there is an extra girl, I’ll probably sell her in September at the sale.

These guys are HUGE for their age, and they are not all fluff either. There is some serious meat growing there. lol

This will be the girl I keep. I love her colour. All of them have amazing foot feathering, just like their Mama!

They are so much bigger than the rest of them. Mabel and Jagger make a great cross!


One thought on “The Cochin X Barred Rocks

  1. oh my gosh.
    whyyyyyyyy are you so far from me? what i wouldn’t give for one of these lovelies.
    the coloring is amazing & i adore the girl you’re keeping…<3

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