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How Many Chickens Do I Have Now?!! WHAT!?

Yes.. I am shocked and amazed with how much our farm has grown over the last little bit.. After Friday’s hatch – we are up to 132 birds total. How is that even possible you ask? Well, Marge and Flora Mae are proud mothers of 21 little munchkins. I bought 19 Pennies (RSLs) to keep up with demand for our eggs. We were even asked to supply a corner store with farm fresh free-range eggs. This is going to be a fun project, but right now there are a lot of ages mixed in together.

You recall the silkie pen correct?

Well now it is the pen where the silkies are, as well as the broodies, and the injured hens.. It’s a big mixture of things.

Dott hurt her hip or leg pretty badly a couple of weeks ago. It could have been caused by the boys chasing her around and mating her, or she could have hopped down from the roosts the wrong way, but it was causing a lot of problems for her with the boys. An injured hen should not be pursued by that many roosters if she is to heal. She now has nothing to worry about, and is limping less and less every day.

She is in the silkie pen with the broodies and the silkies.. and the chicks..

As are Penny and Harriet. Harriet has a growth on her eye and does not fare well with the big chickens picking on her. Penny needs a break from all the roosters as well.. I really need to do something about all those boys! They need a pen of their own!

So total in the silkie pen is: 51.

We’ve expanded it so it takes up this part of the barn as well.

Here is Marge loving her new role as mother. Flora continues to flog her. The babies seem to favour Marge as cooler mom.

Steve still continues to father all the kids. Here is one of my favourite looking ones. I believe the colour is called Calico.

Here is a blue partridge girl.


Various others.

Heheheh.. 😀

I have more pictures to go through, so you will be seeing more of all these chicks.. Be prepared. They are adorable overload.


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The Turkey Love

Have I ever mentioned how in love I am with my turkeys? Well I am.. And they are in love with me.. You can see it in Betty’s eyes.. She loves ME.

Oh and the Geese are so jealous!

“Mom hey mom! Over here mom!”

Biting the fence will get you nowhere girls…

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Who says Barred Rocks Don’t Go Broody?

Or Rhode Island Reds for that matter!
Either I am a broody magnet, or my layers are giving me a tough go..

Both Ruby and Marge have been broody for a full 3 weeks. They started sitting only days apart. Marge has hatched out three, and Ruby was left to sit on golf balls – because today I am picking up 10 Red Sex Links for her to raise. How cute will it be to see a true heritage Rhode Island Red have a brood of the fake ones. I think it’s going to be something else!

Ruby all settled on her nest.

Marge taking care of her first two chicks. The other one finally zipped this morning. I haven’t seen it yet, was just informed by Dylan that Flora Mae stole the egg and Marge was in a different nest box entirely. Crisis averted.. He locked Flora Mae in her cage until I get home.

Who is Flora Mae you ask? Oh that’s right.. I didn’t mention her.. She is Lorraine’s mother. I bought her from Hallus for $5. She was already broody when I brought her home.

Right now we have 4 broodies. Lorraine, Flora Mae, Ruby and Marge.. They are all in their separate cages in the silkie enclosure.
*sigh* it’s hard to keep track of all these age groups!

(just got a text from Dylan.. “Miss Jackson is broody..” – Miss Jackson being Janet.. – facedesk-)

We have two frizzled chicks from Harriet & George! Party down! 😀

Oh and did I mention the call ducks yet? Well..

Macy was broody.. Her eggs were starting to smell (not fertile, unless Carlton is really a duck and just looks like a chicken). So I went out and bought her 12 little call ducks to call her own.. She was having none of that! She quickly aborted her attempt at starting a family – excuses were many.. they were too loud.. too many.. too needy.. She wanted out. So I let her out.. She didn’t even attempt to nest again.

Family planning 101: Have a teen that wants to get pregnant at 16? Find twin toddlers to stick with her for a weekend. Teenage pregnancy averted.

Anyway.. They are oh so adorable and perfect! Except they make a HUGE mess.. HUGE. SMELLY. MESS.

Don’t let them fool you.. They are monsters that smell like farts.


But oh so cute…

Also added more chicks that I found on sale.. $2.50 a pop! I got 4 barred rock females and 2 straight run Silver Laced Wyandottes. I bought 20 and sold 14 – making a profit by selling them for $6 a chick (they were 3 weeks old or so). I got paid to keep 6 of them. $40 profit! How awesome is that? I only had the other 14 for 16 hours.

They begged me to get rid of the ducks.. Seeing as they all live in the same brooder.. I figured out a way to somewhat control the mess.. More on that later..

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The Silkies!

On to the love of my silkies. I can’t get enough of them.

Here are some pros of keeping silkies/breeding them:
-They make great surrogate mothers
-They eat very little
-They are fuzzy and soft
-They make you laugh
-They make your friends laugh
-They sell like hot cakes!
-They lay relatively well for an ornamental breed (at least mine do)
-They are cute. Come on. Don’t deny it!
-The roosters’ crow is less obnoxious than a standard rooster (in my experience)

Okay.. So who wants pictures?

You all are aware of my trio of breeding stock yes?

There is Steve (daddy)

There is Lorraine (mom #1)


There is Pearl (mom #2)

And for the babies:



Unnamed because he is going to Jaqueline – it’s a little roo 🙂 He’s adorable!

Unnamed – it’s a frilkie – and it is not related to my threesome.

I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, but I’m waiting to be sure. I do believe he is going to my friend Jason. He has 3 of my silkies that are the same age.

Now for the little ones that are too young to be identified as pullet or cockerel – they are going on six weeks old this weekend (these pictures were taken last week – so they were close to 5 weeks old)

This is the one I helped hatch! She/he is so beautiful!

and we lost one last week 😦 It had eaten something that would not pass through the crop. It was so beautiful too.

RIP little guy ❤

Here are some cute pictures of Steve being super dad:

*Chick pokes dad’s butt*

Steve: ?

Steve: “Who done it”


I can’t complain – he’s been keeping them warm, feeding them and hanging out all day and all night 24/7 with his kids. His tail feathers are finally growing in and he’s looking much better. Damn you Jagger and your bullying!

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The Cochin X Barred Rocks

There is something about these guys that I love. I kept all five of Mabel & Jagger’s kids from that first hatch. Any roosters will be used as meat. The pullets – I will keep ONE and give ONE to Jaqueline (a very good friend of mine). If there is an extra girl, I’ll probably sell her in September at the sale.

These guys are HUGE for their age, and they are not all fluff either. There is some serious meat growing there. lol

This will be the girl I keep. I love her colour. All of them have amazing foot feathering, just like their Mama!

They are so much bigger than the rest of them. Mabel and Jagger make a great cross!

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Babies are not so much babies anymore!

Bonnie laid her very first egg yesterday! She was EXACTLY 18 weeks old! I was not expecting eggs so soon from this crew! It’s only a matter of time before we have our very first coloured eggs! WOOT!

*happy dance*

Go Bonnie GO! Our youngest chicken to ever lay! It was the smallest little brown egg.. I thought for sure it was a fart egg until I went to open it and it was perfectly formed – yolk, white, shell. The egg was even fertilized. Bonnie was searching for a nesting box this morning to lay her second little egg.

This picture is a couple of weeks old, but anyway.

Here she is out front with the entire crew.