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Gigi and Skittles – The Mottled Houdans


Gigi looking all model-esque with his hair blowing in the breeze

He really is something that Gigi…

Yes.. He will do..

I mean really though?

Skittles ❤

Skittles’ crest is a little lopsided with the weight of all those feathers (on top of the blood feathers coming in). Ah well..

I can’t wait to start this breeding project! 😀 Their chicks will be adorable.. And I am the only one in New Brunswick that has them (at least says the vet – only Houdans he has EVER vaccinated, and he did over 7,800 birds this June).

Nest up: The Easter Eggers!


5 thoughts on “Gigi and Skittles – The Mottled Houdans

  1. Love your photos, you’re very talented with a camera!

  2. Wow! They are beautiful!

    • Thanks! They really surprise me everyday. Everyone in this house is in aggreeance that they are our most visually pleasing pair 🙂 Can’t say they are my favourite – because they are not attention seekers. Nor are they afraid to come get treats, but still.

      Gigi chased after a stray dog yesterday! What a good boy! The dog escaped from a farm a few houses down and was used to chickens, so there were no injuries or issues – but still – go Gigi!

  3. holy crap!
    they’re gorgeous!!!!!! & as i’ve said before…GREAT shots!

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