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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. We decided to give Clementine another chance. With the proper training and guidance, I know she will get there. If she had have mauled Ida instead of trying to play, it would have been a much tougher decision. We spent a fortune on a huge kennel to keep her in when we are not supervising.

It’s 10 x 10 and has rain cover. If only it would get here this weekend.. I doubt it though. We haven’t had any similar experiences with her since.

On to the more recent happenings:

All of our land fowl were vaccinated on Monday. That was fun. Containing all of them until after lunch, and then trying to catch each one for the vet to put a drop in their eye.. for the younger, they had to be banded. The older ones were vaccinated in December, so they already had their bands. Our little farm is on lock-down for a good 30 days. At least I won’t have to worry about ILT!

Everyone is excited about their new jewelry.

To make it a little less confusing when I say ‘the chicks’, I will say Gen 1 for the first batch of 10 chicks that are now almost 15 weeks old. What?! When did that happen!

That group is the 5 Easter Eggers, the two Mottled Houdans, and the three smooth frizzle mixes.

Gen 2 is the five barred rocks who are almost 10 weeks old.

Yep.. Louanne is definitely a Lou. He is stunning.. Very nice barring.

Gen 3 is the first group of chicks I’ve hatched myself, as well as the 10 Naked Necks. The ones I’ve hatched are 6 weeks old on Saturday, and the NN are going on 5 weeks next Monday.

Do you not want to snuggle that itty bitty silkie?! Oh gosh their cuteness kills me!

This one looks just like Ida. ❤

Are you laughing? 😉

The frilkie is the slowest of the silkies to feather out. Anyone want to guess on gender?

Twerkie is a dead ringer for her mama Marge!

She has quite the personality on her. She seems to be the leader of Gen 3.

Here is Marge at about 8 weeks old.

Jagger on diaper duty.

Showing them his wattle wave.

Tilly & Rosa. What is there to say about these two that could be summarized in words.. They are lovable beyond belief.

Check out their flab! LOL

The girls (Lorraine & Pearl) have been doing so well with their brood of 13! One did die a day or so after hatching. We hatched out one 2 weeks after (long story.. Pearl was sitting on an egg for a little over a week before we gave her chicks, we didn’t want to kill the chick growing inside, so we slipped it in the incubator.. alone.. for 2 weeks.. crazy? Maybe.. but check out the chick!)

Right!? It’s Harriet’s second child! The only one we have. It makes me cringe it’s so adorable.

She/he fit right in with the others! Lorraine and Pearl didn’t even notice there was an extra baby.

Koda keeping watch..

Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vaccinations

  1. Love all the photos. You’ve got some seriously crazy cute chick!! It was absolutely worth it to put the egg alone in the incubator.

    • I have another batch in the incubator now. 4 of Harriet & Steve (or George – please let dad be George!) that are developing nicely. Had to toss 2, weren’t fertile. Harriet has one of the best personalities in my flock.

      She’s one of those girls in school that are seriously stupid (I’m thinking Brittany from Glee stupid) lol. Found her eating yogurt with all the others, except she was IN the yogurt when everyone else was around it. Cracks me up.

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