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Chick Update


So out of 27 eggs in the incubator – 23 hatched! One silkie was very late hatching, and I decided to help. The membrane had dried out, and I could not watch it die.. It is doing very well. There are no abnormalities or differences to the chicks that didn’t require my help with hatching.

Lorraine & Pearl have their babies (11 in total!) and the rest are in the playpen for now.

Here are the girls with their babies. I just love how Pearl accepted them all without questioning it. She was only sitting for a little over a week. She actually hatched one of Dott’s babies. Lorraine had been sitting on one egg – but Pearl stole it.

While they were outside, Jagger decided to claim the crate I had been using for their nest. He was so very excited about the find.. Boys…

And like always, the girls gathered round him to get a piece of the action.

Lorraine preened while Pearl kept watch..

I love how they can do this. It must be less stressful than being a single broody.

“I’s da man!”

Sure he is..

Jagger had to check out the bitties. He just loves chicks. Harriet had ulterior motives. *sigh* She wanted to tell the moms that she was now higher in the pecking order.

Check out the size of Tilly & Rosa! It’s insane! They definitely weigh more than the silkies.. It’s only a matter of time before they outweigh Jagger.

Jagger did not like that idea…

He would be watching them….

Because HE wears the spurs in this family!

Remember that goslings…

Older chick update.. Everyone is doing well (except those two poor silkies that passed away :(..)

The Naked Necks are getting bigger, but the feathering is slower.

Some of the chicks are so very obviously boys..

The chicks/goslings enjoyed the day outside ALL DAY on Sunday. Some were even too hot. I had to create a shady place to escape the heat (despite it only reaching 25).

Doesn’t this just make you giggle in your heart?

Giggle dammit!

I’m not sure which silkies to keep, though I plan to keep quite a few girls.

Excuse the blurry spot on the camera. I didn’t realize there was a smudge..

This one looks like a girl.

Can you see the size difference?

I went to visit Jaqueline last Saturday to see how my grandchickens were doing πŸ™‚ The silkies were SO cute.

Here is her white chick. I think it’s a pullet ❀

Check out Harriet & Steve’s kid! hehehe

One of Denny’s boys.

The one that is very light and fluffy looking is Olive’s baby.

Oh the cuteness..

This weekend I am going to be selling quite a few of the chicks.. We’ll have to decide which ones to keep for ourselves. We are keeping all the silkies, Twerkie and Penny’s babies.. We also want to keep one of the cochin girls..

I feel very anxious about the whole thing. They are my first, and it will be sad to see them go.

Doesn’t the last picture remind you of this:



2 thoughts on “Chick Update

  1. What great pictures! I’m especially admiring of Jagger–I’m having rooster withdrawals after having to give up both of mine due to my city’s anti-rooster ordinance. I never realized chickens had such rich personalities. It’s fun to discover another blogger newly in love with poultry. Lucky you to have space for so many different interesting breeds. I was tempted by Turkens when we first picked out our chicks, but my girlfriend vetoed them because their naked necks freaked her out. I still think they’re cute.

    • They do all have their individual persona. I have noticed friendships between two hens that is just remarkable. Dott and Marge are the best of friends. They go everywhere together. While one is laying, the other stays close to the barn. They like to pester the younger chicks, and dig for worms in the front garden. It’s very cute. They are probably the two closest in age of the older hens/roosters.

      Thanks for your comment!

      I couldn’t say no to the naked necks. They are so ugly they are cute. πŸ˜€ Plus they will lay coloured eggs, so it was a no-brainer!

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