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The Easter Eggers – Stanley, Fern, Willow, Eedie and Lynette


Fern & Willow

Eedie & Lynette




The group – Gen1


Gigi and Skittles – The Mottled Houdans


Gigi looking all model-esque with his hair blowing in the breeze

He really is something that Gigi…

Yes.. He will do..

I mean really though?

Skittles ❤

Skittles’ crest is a little lopsided with the weight of all those feathers (on top of the blood feathers coming in). Ah well..

I can’t wait to start this breeding project! 😀 Their chicks will be adorable.. And I am the only one in New Brunswick that has them (at least says the vet – only Houdans he has EVER vaccinated, and he did over 7,800 birds this June).

Nest up: The Easter Eggers!

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Angel Wing

“Angel wing also known as slipped wing, crooked wing, and drooped wing is a syndrome that affects aquatic birds, primarily geese and ducks, in which the last joint of the wing is twisted with the wing feathers pointing out laterally, instead of lying against the body.”

Unfortunately we noticed Rosa’s wing was looking rather strange on Monday. We spoke with Jamie on how to correct this, and he mentioned taping the affected wing for 10 days. So last night we did it. I really hope it trains it to lay the right way.. It can look really ugly.. Especially since it is only one wing affected.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t cause her any pain at all, and it is caused by a high protein feed. This makes their feathers grow too fast.

You can really notice it before the taping. I’ll have to update on the progress when we remove the tape. Keep your fingers crossed that it works itself out!

No one wants Tilly to be made fun of in the barn yard!

Check out her swimming skills!

They turned 5 weeks old on Monday

Aren’t they beautiful?!

Tilly knows she’s gorgeous.

They are digging their new kiddie pool. I placed it right in front of the sun-room so we can watch them frolic around.



Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. We decided to give Clementine another chance. With the proper training and guidance, I know she will get there. If she had have mauled Ida instead of trying to play, it would have been a much tougher decision. We spent a fortune on a huge kennel to keep her in when we are not supervising.

It’s 10 x 10 and has rain cover. If only it would get here this weekend.. I doubt it though. We haven’t had any similar experiences with her since.

On to the more recent happenings:

All of our land fowl were vaccinated on Monday. That was fun. Containing all of them until after lunch, and then trying to catch each one for the vet to put a drop in their eye.. for the younger, they had to be banded. The older ones were vaccinated in December, so they already had their bands. Our little farm is on lock-down for a good 30 days. At least I won’t have to worry about ILT!

Everyone is excited about their new jewelry.

To make it a little less confusing when I say ‘the chicks’, I will say Gen 1 for the first batch of 10 chicks that are now almost 15 weeks old. What?! When did that happen!

That group is the 5 Easter Eggers, the two Mottled Houdans, and the three smooth frizzle mixes.

Gen 2 is the five barred rocks who are almost 10 weeks old.

Yep.. Louanne is definitely a Lou. He is stunning.. Very nice barring.

Gen 3 is the first group of chicks I’ve hatched myself, as well as the 10 Naked Necks. The ones I’ve hatched are 6 weeks old on Saturday, and the NN are going on 5 weeks next Monday.

Do you not want to snuggle that itty bitty silkie?! Oh gosh their cuteness kills me!

This one looks just like Ida. ❤

Are you laughing? 😉

The frilkie is the slowest of the silkies to feather out. Anyone want to guess on gender?

Twerkie is a dead ringer for her mama Marge!

She has quite the personality on her. She seems to be the leader of Gen 3.

Here is Marge at about 8 weeks old.

Jagger on diaper duty.

Showing them his wattle wave.

Tilly & Rosa. What is there to say about these two that could be summarized in words.. They are lovable beyond belief.

Check out their flab! LOL

The girls (Lorraine & Pearl) have been doing so well with their brood of 13! One did die a day or so after hatching. We hatched out one 2 weeks after (long story.. Pearl was sitting on an egg for a little over a week before we gave her chicks, we didn’t want to kill the chick growing inside, so we slipped it in the incubator.. alone.. for 2 weeks.. crazy? Maybe.. but check out the chick!)

Right!? It’s Harriet’s second child! The only one we have. It makes me cringe it’s so adorable.

She/he fit right in with the others! Lorraine and Pearl didn’t even notice there was an extra baby.

Koda keeping watch..

Thanks for reading 🙂


Clementine Killed Ida..

I came home to the worst day I’ve had since I’ve dedicated my life/time to these birds. Ida was dead and Clementine was responsible. I can not forgive the dog, so we are putting her up for adoption.

I do not have the patience to train her.. I can’t risk the lives of the very thing I want her to protect. It breaks my heart that Ida had to suffer like that. It’s too much for me to talk about right now. I’ve been crying non-stop all night.

We will miss you little Ida.. Our smallest little girl 😦


Bye Bye Chickadees!

Well we did it.. we sold half of what we had.. It was very sad for me on the days leading up to the sale, but once I got there it was really rewarding. Everyone loved that I brought them in a playpen, and we sold a few pairs of barred rocks to brand-new chicken enthusiasts. I watched as each barred rock boy pecked at this lady’s engagement ring. The boys were the first to go. The week old cochin x barred rocks were the last. So in our brooder we currently have (and are keeping at least until September):

4 silkies (2 white, 1 blue partridge, 1 frilkie)

4 cochin x barred rocks. We are keeping a girl, and the boys will be used for meat.

Penny’s baby

All 10 of the Naked Necks. The boys will be sold (save one for breeding) in September.

Doesn’t this Naked Neck look gravely beautiful? I think it is my favourite..

Lorraine & Pearl have 13 chicks. They had 11 last time I mentioned them.. I gave them two more silkie chicks. They are wonderful moms.

The goslings are simply huge. I fall more and more in love with them every day. They follow us everywhere. Invading our personal spaces and nibbling on our clothes.. It’s wonderful.

The first chicks are 13 weeks old. Can you believe that? They are the most beautiful group of chicks EVER. Don’t deny it. 😛

Skittles above.


Gigi – Boy. I am going to breed him and skittles. I am so excited about these two. They are stunning.. I don’t even care that they wouldn’t be showable (or would they? :P) They are so beautiful no matter what.

Cathy – Tim finally responded to my emails, letting me know that Cathy could very well have white leghorn in her.

Bonnie & Hoover


Lynette (so kill me.. I can’t tell them apart :P)

Fern (front)


The barred rock chicks are 8 weeks old. I am very sad to announce that Louanne is a Lou. 😦 Has to be.. He’s way too pretty to be a girl.

Oh he is so pretty it breaks my heart.

We enjoyed a nice sunny weekend.. Unfortunately we won’t see sun again all week.

Oh and we bought two turkey poults at the sale. They are living in the playpen with a cover over it (because they fly like crazy and are only 10 days old!) until we can get them off the heat lamp. They are Eastern Wild Turkey poults. I really hope one is a tom. Pictures to come!