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Oh so many chicks!


No pictures for today’s post, though I did take a ton of pictures over the weekend. I will have to share those pictures another day..

Right now our eggs are hatching. We have 10 so far, with 17 more yet to hatch. Two of the 3 week old silkie chicks don’t seem to be growing well, and seem weak. I am such a sap. I have a hard time with this.. How will I ever get used to a chick dying? I don’t know if I will.. I don’t know if I want to get used to it.. It’s hard for me to see any animal suffer.

We went to visit Jacqueline who hatched 26 of our eggs 7 weeks ago. The chicks are so cute. We helped her sex a few of them. One of Denny’s babies was easy to spot, and it was missing toenails just like Mom!

I guess there will be one picture today 😉
You can see where Denny is missing her two front nails. I’ve heard this is genetic, and seen a lot in Delawares. My two babies from her do not have missing toenails. All of her kids have very light barring. The two I have are very bossy just like their mommy.

I watched one attack Steve yesterday, and one also tried to attack Jagger. Steve just stood there.. Thinking “Should I retaliate?”

He didn’t.. That’s my good boy!

I am going to keep one rooster from the Naked Neck group. Here’s where I ask you guys for help… What colour? Should I keep a barred boy? I know I have at least three barred boys from the group *sigh*.. I have a red, white and black chicks. If one of those are boys, which colour should I use?


3 thoughts on “Oh so many chicks!

  1. I’d pick the nicest turken rooster! It’s to hard to choose based on colors! 😛

    • Nicest as in friendliest? 🙂

      Yes.. That would be important for sure. The extra boys will be sold come September. That’s when the next sale is.. Though I could sell them sooner.

      Right now they all are nice. But they are only two weeks old 🙂

  2. Hatching time is always so exciting! We’ve hatched two batches so far and only had two out of a total 12 die in the shell. I am eagerly awaiting eggs from my new Bantam Wyandottes to set in the incubator! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. It’s always great to find another Chicken lover!

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