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Broodies.. Broodies.. and more Broodies!


Did I mention that Lorraine and Pearl are broody? Yeah.. They are turkeying all around the yard. Screetching at all who come near.. And smelling up the joint. If you’ve ever had a broody – you will know what I mean.. That poo.. It’s.. It’s.. Let’s not speak of it.

Not only are they both broody – leaving me with zero silkie eggs to hatch (ARGH!) but they are co-sitting on three eggs.

Lorraine went broody the day the chicks hatched. The same thing happened with Olive. She went broody when Janet’s eggs were due to hatch (though sadly none did).

I can’t imagine Pearl with more than one chick. She is so tiny.. A week ago I caught her fully covered under Olive – Along with Olive’s five chicks (aged 5 weeks at that point). Does this say that Olive is over weight? Probably.. I’ve told her many times over to consider my offer of Weight Watchers – but she does not like to count calories.

And when I ask her – she looks like I just killed her child.. with torture methods. Yes – she does not like to watch her figure.

Most of my girls enjoy indulging in extra fatty foods. Like Night-crawlers and June-bug Larvae (Love them for the last one!)

Really, in all honesty – Jagger likes his girls with junk in their trunk. It helps him balance.

Jagger is all muscle and no fat.

It’s been a while since I updated on Carlton. He is definitely a man now. 21 weeks and counting. No crowing yet, but he has tried to mate Macy a few times. She is really into him.

Rosa & Tilly seem to have doubled in size. I can’t easily pick them up with one hand anymore. They still follow me around like I’m mama goose. It is heartwarming ❤

Could be my yellow rubber boots 🙂

The oldest chicks are chickens now. They will be 12 weeks old this Saturday. Oh time flies…
Here is Eedie or Lynette. I can not tell them apart. We are going to get zip ties for easier identification.

Stanley has become quite the man!

Bonnie is also really beautiful – they all are.

Phyllis – Hating me for holding her. She is not at all curious like her hatch mates.

Denny’s baby.

Mabel’s baby

One of the barred mixes. Could be either Penny’s or Dott’s baby.. Though I’m not sure.

I really like the silver silkies. They are oh so cute 😀


2 thoughts on “Broodies.. Broodies.. and more Broodies!

  1. *swoon* love them all!
    STELLAR pix too!

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