Les Farms

Rosa & Tilly


Normally I don’t like to play favourites, but I’m totally head-over-heels in love with our two new additions. They are adorable, sweet, and oh-so-beautiful.

Tilly is the smaller of the two. They are Buff Toulouse. We have been wanting grey Toulouse for quite some time, and when Jamie said he had two day old female buff Toulouse, we jumped. They are sex-linked by colour by using a buff gander and a grey goose. The females will be buff, the males will be grey. If we want to breed them in the future, we can use either a buff and continue with the colouring, or we can get a grey gander and have all grey offspring.

The buff colouring is very rare, so it may be hard to find a buff gander. We have lots of time. It takes them over a year to mature enough for breeding.

At this time I am going to treasure their youth. Their yellow fluff.. their pink feet.. Oh they are so cute I could keel over.


2 thoughts on “Rosa & Tilly

  1. Oh man they are adorable! I didn’t know they take that long to mature, learn something new every day!

  2. oh my god they’re cute! i want geese so badly…but it’ll have to wait until we get some more land…hopefully soon!
    enjoy them & post loads of pictures…i promise not to complain.

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