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And We Have Hatch Off!


After stressing over this hatch for 3 weeks and having doubts that we would have anything at all, we were blessed with 27 little fuzzy butts! What was there to worry about? My incubator did it’s job perfectly, and I am very happy with the turn out.

The only thing I wish I had of done differently was put them in egg cartons for lockdown. The hatched chicks were kicking around all the other pipped eggs, leaving them pip side down. I decided that after 14 hours in the incubator, with no sign of drying off (humidity must have been too high) – to take them out after they hatched. Obviously that is not recommended, but it had no adverse affects on my pipped eggs.

Every chick that pipped – zipped. Except for one.. And that was the first guy.. He died not long after he pipped. He was too wet around the mouth. There was foam.. It was sad.. It had me stressing more..

8 hours after the first one died, we had our first chick zipping!

Once they start zipping, it is all in a matter of minutes. It took maybe 30 minutes total for the first one. We dubbed her Twerkie. It is one of the few Barred Rocks that hatched.

Twerkie was the worst for knocking around the eggs.

She decided to sleep on top of all her brothers and sisters.. Sigh…

Not long after Twerkie arrived, a little silkie hatched. Those two were the only ones that hatched on the 21st day. 17 others hatched on day 22. 9 hatched on day 23. One of the day 22 hatchlings died overnight. Not sure why.. Everyone else was fine.

Twerkie got to enjoy the warming rays of the heatlamp. Ahhh.. That’s the life.

There are a lot of black babies from this hatch. We have a total of 18 barred chicks (not all barred rock). 10 silkie chicks, and one random white chick from Penny. I did not know beforehand that a sexlink has a dominant white gene.. She will throw 50% white chicks and 50% barred chicks. Either way, it was a shock.

It is adorable and easy to spot amongst the sea of black fluff.

Mabel has 4 chicks
Marge has 1 (for sure)
Dott has 1 (for sure)
Penny has 1
Lorraine has 7
Pearl has 2
Denny has 2
I got 1 silkie egg from George’s owner

The rest I am not sure.. Only time will tell.

Enjoy these pictures! I just love them all ❤

Guess who’s broody?



2 thoughts on “And We Have Hatch Off!

  1. Oh my goodness they can’t get any cuter!!! Congrats on the hatch!! And that silkie at the end, LOL!

    • Thank you very much! I do think they are adorable – and the silkies are even cuter. I think one might actually be a frizzle! FINGERS CROSSED! 😀

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