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Oh so many chicks!

No pictures for today’s post, though I did take a ton of pictures over the weekend. I will have to share those pictures another day..

Right now our eggs are hatching. We have 10 so far, with 17 more yet to hatch. Two of the 3 week old silkie chicks don’t seem to be growing well, and seem weak. I am such a sap. I have a hard time with this.. How will I ever get used to a chick dying? I don’t know if I will.. I don’t know if I want to get used to it.. It’s hard for me to see any animal suffer.

We went to visit Jacqueline who hatched 26 of our eggs 7 weeks ago. The chicks are so cute. We helped her sex a few of them. One of Denny’s babies was easy to spot, and it was missing toenails just like Mom!

I guess there will be one picture today 😉
You can see where Denny is missing her two front nails. I’ve heard this is genetic, and seen a lot in Delawares. My two babies from her do not have missing toenails. All of her kids have very light barring. The two I have are very bossy just like their mommy.

I watched one attack Steve yesterday, and one also tried to attack Jagger. Steve just stood there.. Thinking “Should I retaliate?”

He didn’t.. That’s my good boy!

I am going to keep one rooster from the Naked Neck group. Here’s where I ask you guys for help… What colour? Should I keep a barred boy? I know I have at least three barred boys from the group *sigh*.. I have a red, white and black chicks. If one of those are boys, which colour should I use?



Broodies.. Broodies.. and more Broodies!

Did I mention that Lorraine and Pearl are broody? Yeah.. They are turkeying all around the yard. Screetching at all who come near.. And smelling up the joint. If you’ve ever had a broody – you will know what I mean.. That poo.. It’s.. It’s.. Let’s not speak of it.

Not only are they both broody – leaving me with zero silkie eggs to hatch (ARGH!) but they are co-sitting on three eggs.

Lorraine went broody the day the chicks hatched. The same thing happened with Olive. She went broody when Janet’s eggs were due to hatch (though sadly none did).

I can’t imagine Pearl with more than one chick. She is so tiny.. A week ago I caught her fully covered under Olive – Along with Olive’s five chicks (aged 5 weeks at that point). Does this say that Olive is over weight? Probably.. I’ve told her many times over to consider my offer of Weight Watchers – but she does not like to count calories.

And when I ask her – she looks like I just killed her child.. with torture methods. Yes – she does not like to watch her figure.

Most of my girls enjoy indulging in extra fatty foods. Like Night-crawlers and June-bug Larvae (Love them for the last one!)

Really, in all honesty – Jagger likes his girls with junk in their trunk. It helps him balance.

Jagger is all muscle and no fat.

It’s been a while since I updated on Carlton. He is definitely a man now. 21 weeks and counting. No crowing yet, but he has tried to mate Macy a few times. She is really into him.

Rosa & Tilly seem to have doubled in size. I can’t easily pick them up with one hand anymore. They still follow me around like I’m mama goose. It is heartwarming ❤

Could be my yellow rubber boots 🙂

The oldest chicks are chickens now. They will be 12 weeks old this Saturday. Oh time flies…
Here is Eedie or Lynette. I can not tell them apart. We are going to get zip ties for easier identification.

Stanley has become quite the man!

Bonnie is also really beautiful – they all are.

Phyllis – Hating me for holding her. She is not at all curious like her hatch mates.

Denny’s baby.

Mabel’s baby

One of the barred mixes. Could be either Penny’s or Dott’s baby.. Though I’m not sure.

I really like the silver silkies. They are oh so cute 😀


So Much Going On!

It’s been almost six weeks since we moved. Everyone is doing wonderfully. Macy started laying on Monday! What a picture that was.. Susan running as fast as she could from the barn *insert mental image of sweating Susan here*, screaming at the top of her lungs. Those are her ducks. She was so proud.

Macy has come a long way. I can get her to eat out of my hands. She actually squats for us.. I didn’t think ducks squatted like chickens, but Macy does. She has laid 3 eggs in a row – all in the nesting box! Good girl Macy!

Clementine is growing like a weed. She’s all legs and no coordination. We are trying very hard to break her of her playfulness. Susan caught her mouthing and pawing at Ruby this morning. Way too rough.. She is on time-out in the barn right now.

Not sure we really need a guard dog with Jagger on duty. *snorts*

He warns. He doesn’t protect. He is a great rooster though. Very good with people – kids included. I’m taking a sigh of relief. He is nearly a year old. His temperament should stay the same from here on out. He’s gone through his most hormonal phase.

The chicks are 2.5 weeks old today. Over the weekend I made them a little roost to practice on.

Practice they do!

Did I mention that Rosa & Tilly have imprinted on me? They follow me around outside – in a line. If I run, so will they. It makes my heart swell with pride. I am so in love with these girls!

How could I not be?!

Denny’s babies are so pretty. There are two of them, and I just happened to catch them together. They have nicer barring than the 100% barred rocks.

The silkies seem to be feathering in slower. Or is it just because their feathers look like chick fluff anyway.. They sure are cute..

As are the Naked Necks 😀

We have ONE frizzle! I really don’t care if it is a girl or a boy. Either way – it’s been dubbed Phyllis.

Thanks for reading!


Rosa & Tilly

Normally I don’t like to play favourites, but I’m totally head-over-heels in love with our two new additions. They are adorable, sweet, and oh-so-beautiful.

Tilly is the smaller of the two. They are Buff Toulouse. We have been wanting grey Toulouse for quite some time, and when Jamie said he had two day old female buff Toulouse, we jumped. They are sex-linked by colour by using a buff gander and a grey goose. The females will be buff, the males will be grey. If we want to breed them in the future, we can use either a buff and continue with the colouring, or we can get a grey gander and have all grey offspring.

The buff colouring is very rare, so it may be hard to find a buff gander. We have lots of time. It takes them over a year to mature enough for breeding.

At this time I am going to treasure their youth. Their yellow fluff.. their pink feet.. Oh they are so cute I could keel over.


And We Have Hatch Off!

After stressing over this hatch for 3 weeks and having doubts that we would have anything at all, we were blessed with 27 little fuzzy butts! What was there to worry about? My incubator did it’s job perfectly, and I am very happy with the turn out.

The only thing I wish I had of done differently was put them in egg cartons for lockdown. The hatched chicks were kicking around all the other pipped eggs, leaving them pip side down. I decided that after 14 hours in the incubator, with no sign of drying off (humidity must have been too high) – to take them out after they hatched. Obviously that is not recommended, but it had no adverse affects on my pipped eggs.

Every chick that pipped – zipped. Except for one.. And that was the first guy.. He died not long after he pipped. He was too wet around the mouth. There was foam.. It was sad.. It had me stressing more..

8 hours after the first one died, we had our first chick zipping!

Once they start zipping, it is all in a matter of minutes. It took maybe 30 minutes total for the first one. We dubbed her Twerkie. It is one of the few Barred Rocks that hatched.

Twerkie was the worst for knocking around the eggs.

She decided to sleep on top of all her brothers and sisters.. Sigh…

Not long after Twerkie arrived, a little silkie hatched. Those two were the only ones that hatched on the 21st day. 17 others hatched on day 22. 9 hatched on day 23. One of the day 22 hatchlings died overnight. Not sure why.. Everyone else was fine.

Twerkie got to enjoy the warming rays of the heatlamp. Ahhh.. That’s the life.

There are a lot of black babies from this hatch. We have a total of 18 barred chicks (not all barred rock). 10 silkie chicks, and one random white chick from Penny. I did not know beforehand that a sexlink has a dominant white gene.. She will throw 50% white chicks and 50% barred chicks. Either way, it was a shock.

It is adorable and easy to spot amongst the sea of black fluff.

Mabel has 4 chicks
Marge has 1 (for sure)
Dott has 1 (for sure)
Penny has 1
Lorraine has 7
Pearl has 2
Denny has 2
I got 1 silkie egg from George’s owner

The rest I am not sure.. Only time will tell.

Enjoy these pictures! I just love them all ❤

Guess who’s broody?