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Chicks – Week Four & Out of the House!

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The chicks are now 4.5 & 5.5 weeks old! They are now miniature versions of their future selves. A lot have been named, only 3 are still without a title.

Our little EE cockerel (right corner) is Stanley – named by Susan (Fiance) Stanley is a crazy little guy. He loves to fly and is not afraid of people like the girls.

There are two brown EE girls – this one is Fern. Last week I really wasn’t sure on the gender, but her colouring is classic EE pullet. I am very happy that out of the five Easter Eggers, at least two are female. Willow is very camera shy, and is not as outgoing as the other chicks. I don’t seem to have a 4 week picture of her. Ah well…

Janet has decided to take her brood out for some fresh air. The chicks have been moved to the barn. They are allowed out with the big girls/boys when someone is home, but are separated at night. Jagger has taken to standing guard and babysitting.

*Notice Stanley flying in this picture*

Jagger: “Are you sure you want to go out there? It’s cold out!”

Jagger guarding Eedie (or Eedie’s twin) from evil Harriet.

New Layers – That I forgot to announce:

Lorraine laid her first egg March 24th 2012!

Dott laid her first egg March 17th 2012!

That leaves us with only two girls left who have yet to lay! Honey and Ida are getting there though. Honey started squatting last Sunday. Jagger was pretty happy about that 😉

Honey: “I’m a woman now!”

Yep. He told the entire neighbourhood about it.


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