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Chicks, Chicks and more Chicks!

Well you can say I’ve gone of the deep end in the chick department.. Right now we have 15 with 36 on the way. Who would have known a tiny flock of four would have grown to this obsession (as Susan would call it). Our first 10 chicks are now 8 weeks old, and the other 5 are now 3 weeks old. Oh how time flies..

Olive is a perfect mother. She protects her babies with a vengence. Even going so far as to attack our house dogs when they walk by.

If barred rocks are indeed sexable by the wash on their legs and the colour of their down, we have 3 girls and 2 boys. This one pictured above has the nicest barring of all five, and it’s one of the girls. This one is my favourite, and I have only named her.

I introduce you to Louanne!

As you can see, the other girls have much more blotchy barring. I hope they grow out of this. Either way, I would bet anything that Louanne will be the closest to the SOP.

She’s inquisitive and adorable ❤

While we are talking barred rock, Marge is very grown up. She is plump and robust *coughfatcough*…

Jagger is a stud! He took over head rooster spot! Steve is in the outs right now. Poor guy.. Jagger feels very good about himself. Not a single ounce of aggression towards humans yet. He does chase Steve around a lot now.

My sweet Honey got Picture of the Week on Backyard Chickens! I am very excited about that! I was also nominated by someone unknown to be a BYC Friend. 🙂 Thank you to whoever nominated me. It  means a lot.

Ida is the only grown chicken that has not started to lay. Will she ever? I’ve come to the conclusion that silkies take their sweet time before coming into lay. Ida is now pushing 33 weeks old today. She has not started squatting and Steve does not show any interest in mating her.

Patience is a virtue….

On to the 8 week old chicks.. Oh God they are cute.. Look at those beards! How can you not smile and squint your eyes in cuteness overload?

I am very happy that I can tell Fern and Willow apart now by beard alone. Fern has the grey beard and Willow’s beard is mostly strawberry blond.

Stay tuned to hear about the hatch due this Friday! I hope we have at least 30 new little fluffy butts to post pictures of. ❤



New Digs!

So much has happened since my last post..

  • We Moved to the new location
  • We bought a Livestock Guardian Dog (Maremma x Great Pyrenees)
  • We FINALLY got a frizzled rooster
  • We bought five barred rock chicks from breeding stock
  • We set 42 eggs in the incubator

First off, here is our new barn. The lot is 2 acres with lots of woods/land for the chickens to roam. You can see our LGD puppy Clementine in the picture. For now she is tied up inside the pen. She can interact with the chickens, but they can get away if they need to.

She is the calmest puppy I’ve ever met. She loves to sleep and only gets excited first thing in the morning, or after a long nap.

She does a lot of sleeping.. A lot of watching…

The inside of the coop. It used to be occupied by two horses when Susan was a child.

The new laying area. Only two boxes are used by all of the hens..

I built a separate brooding area. Olive took right to motherhood with the five barred rock chicks.

Here they were at 5 days old or so. I’m pretty sure I have at least 3/5 girls. They all are really dark in colour, but two have less of a dark wash on their legs.

Janet has officially given up raising the eleven almost 7 week old chicks. They are on their own. She started laying again on Monday.

The chicks are big enough to take care of themselves. I believe we only have two/ten that are boys. We lost one of the houdans (Clementine SAT on her).

Something caught Fern’s eye.

Probably wondering if George is a chicken or a hairball.

Believe it or not, this is actually Lorraine’s father. I convinced his owner to sell him to me. I wanted to breed a frizzle rooster to Harriet so desperately, and they are rare here. Very rare. I can’t believe he is mine!

So far he has not crowed. He is kind of a loner right now, but he was taken from all he has ever known.

That’s bound to stress a guy out!

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A Moment of Silence…

For we lost a much loved chicken. Dixie went to chicken heaven on Monday.. I can’t even get into it just yet.. I don’t want to dissolve. She was the best chicken in the world, and her voice will be missed.

When I feel more comfortable, I will write her a proper memorial. For now, farewell Dixie. You were loved, admired and will be missed.

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Chicks – Week Four & Out of the House!

The chicks are now 4.5 & 5.5 weeks old! They are now miniature versions of their future selves. A lot have been named, only 3 are still without a title.

Our little EE cockerel (right corner) is Stanley – named by Susan (Fiance) Stanley is a crazy little guy. He loves to fly and is not afraid of people like the girls.

There are two brown EE girls – this one is Fern. Last week I really wasn’t sure on the gender, but her colouring is classic EE pullet. I am very happy that out of the five Easter Eggers, at least two are female. Willow is very camera shy, and is not as outgoing as the other chicks. I don’t seem to have a 4 week picture of her. Ah well…

Janet has decided to take her brood out for some fresh air. The chicks have been moved to the barn. They are allowed out with the big girls/boys when someone is home, but are separated at night. Jagger has taken to standing guard and babysitting.

*Notice Stanley flying in this picture*

Jagger: “Are you sure you want to go out there? It’s cold out!”

Jagger guarding Eedie (or Eedie’s twin) from evil Harriet.

New Layers – That I forgot to announce:

Lorraine laid her first egg March 24th 2012!

Dott laid her first egg March 17th 2012!

That leaves us with only two girls left who have yet to lay! Honey and Ida are getting there though. Honey started squatting last Sunday. Jagger was pretty happy about that 😉

Honey: “I’m a woman now!”

Yep. He told the entire neighbourhood about it.