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Chicks – Week Three

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Another week flew by, and the chicks are getting so big! Almost all of them are covered in feathers (except their heads and underside), and a few are really sticking out as boys.

There is Paul – named by my best friend Leelynn. I am almost certain Paul is a he. There are feathers on his wings that are already reddening. His comb is more advanced, he has a tough guy/I’m not afraid of anything attitude.

He is now the first to explore new foods – Hoover was always #1, but now Paul is more ballsy than him. He is the best flier as well. He was the one that was dropped at 2 days old by Olivia. I thought for sure he was a goner, but he pulled through with flying colours.

There is the other chipmunk coloured EE, I am really not sure on the gender of this one. Could go either way right now. Still remains unnamed.

There is Willow – I am pretty sure Willow is a girl. Comb is small and light. She is very shy.. Will NOT eat out of my hand and is standoffish. I’m hoping this will improve.

There is that white frizzle mix. Still no name. I thought it was a boy for sure, but that comb is so small.. I want to think more positively 😛 He/She is now a little over four weeks.

Hoover – Again.. I don’t know for sure if it is a girl or boy. If going by attitude alone, I would say girl. If going by looks.. I wouldn’t know… I thought Hoover was a boy from the get-go, but now I am not so sure.

Here’s Hoover again. ❤

Bonnie could be a boy, but it’s hard to tell. Her comb is small, and the lighting during the picture makes it look pinker than it actually is. Bonnie’s attitude is the most feminine, and she has delicate little features. If she is a HE, he would be a very feminine rooster.

Here are Janet’s three babies. I still think only one is a boy. I’ve named my favourite Skittles. The rest are still unnamed.

I didn’t take any pictures of Eedie or her look-alike since last week. I will take some tonight 🙂 I think Eedie might be a boy, and her look-alike is a girl… Time will tell.


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