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Chicks First Day Outside

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So Janet did indeed give up on that one lone egg… Not long after I made my last post. I didn’t have a good feeling about it hitting day 23 anyway.. It will teach me to wash developing eggs… I’m going to avoid that subject altogether (still bummed)..

I did get to bring the chicks outside for the first time Tuesday, March 20th! At first only Janet’s posse seemed at ease. It took nearly 20 minutes for the other eight to open up and scratch around. When they felt comfortable enough, they loved ever second.

Note Eedie being all nosey ❤ She is still one of my favourites.

All of the 3 and 1/2 week olds. I don’t believe that any are going to be frizzled, though Bonnie has strange feathers.

The white frizzle mix does have a few curled feathers.. Who knows.. Maybe.. Just maybe…

Janet only mothers the eight other chicks when I bring them outside. She does not like to be confined with all eleven of them. The three older ones peck her in the eye, and she gets pretty upset with them.

The above EE I have for now determined is a girl. She is very weary of being handled, and shies away from me even when I have bribe-food (ie: spinach). She has the smallest and least noticeable pea comb of all the brown EEs..

We have decided to name the little one Willow, after one of our favourite neighbourhood children who loves our chickens. I think it fits her.

The chicks all enjoyed some millet to scratch around for in the leaves.

I believe this is a male. Look at those legs! He jumps the highest, even though he has the least feathers of anyone.

Bonnie has red splotches coming in all over. I adore her quilted pattern. It’s all so random and colourful. Her mother was Frizzle over Phoenix, and her dad was a frizzle. No idea what he had in his past, but he was white.

I do think Bonnie is a girl.. Even though her comb is the same size as her brothers’… She has just feathered in so fast, and has the demeanor of a girl (in my opinion anyway.)

She has also fallen into the spot of the smallest chick. Despite being one week older than the younger chicks, she is remarkably tiny. I think she is adorable and ties in at my favourite with Eedie.

Big stretch!

Janet has not been eating much at all. All of her energy/resources are spent mothering her three Mottled Houdan chicks. They adore their mommy, and she adores them.

Meet Skittles! I do believe Skittles is a girl, and is my favourite out of the three Houdans. I can tell her apart because of the dark streak on her leg.

Here is the other ‘girl’ houdan. I am going to call them by their assumed genders until I know otherwise. I do know it is too early to tell 100%, but some really stick out as boys, and some really stick out as girls (to me at least).

I’ve always thought Hoover was a boy, but that comb has not reddened or grown much at all in two weeks.

Anyone want to help name the other two Houdans? I could really use names that go with Skittles! 🙂

“OH that sun feels so nice… Zzzzz…”

We have broken temperature records the past three days. On Tuesday it hit 22 degrees, yesterday 26 and today it’s going to be 27. That shatters the records set 67 years ago. Can you imagine? The record high in March was 21.1 on March 29th 1945. Our average high in July (our hottest month) is 25.2 – our hottest day EVER was 36…. We were only 9 degrees away from breaking an all time record in MARCH. 

No complaints.. I see a very hot summer ahead of us…. Break out the sunscreen people!

Did I mention that Olive is Broody now?

We call her super brood, because she will brood for two days and decide her eggs have hatched. She is so fat she hatches at super speed.

Since Monday she has been faithfully broody. I have been kicking her out more than five times a day. We can not hatch until we move. Smiley


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