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Eggs Died… One is left.

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Janet pushed three eggs that had died before pipping on Saturday.. One lone egg is left, and it is day 23. I am giving up hope. Now it’s just waiting to see if the last one is gone too. I really wish I hadn’t of washed them when they were soiled. 😦

At least we have chicks to give her.. She has taken to motherhood without hesitation. Janet is such a great first-time mom.

The chicks are growing and feathering in nicely. There are shavings EVERYWHERE. We have to vacuum on a daily basis around the playpen. They all are having a blast digging and dust bathing in the shavings. They are becoming little versions of their future selves.

We still have not named many.. Hoover, Bonnie and Eedie. I think we will name one Skittles, and one Murtle. I am just waiting to determine sexes before we make any hasty decisions. Knowing us, we don’t change the names after they are in place. Ruth stayed Ruth despite being a boy.. I don’t want to name one Murtle and have it turn out to be a roo 😉 How embarrassed would he be?

I have my theories on these three. I think two are girls (left and middle) and the one on the right is a male. Let’s see if I’m right!

Feel free to give your two cents. I have not raised chicks before, but I have read a lot of sexing tips. Apparently boys feather in slower. That is one reason I think the one on the right is a boy. I also have read that boys have thicker legs (he does). He also just has masculine eyes in my opinion.

He also feels heavier than the other two.

As for the Easter Eggers.. I really don’t know..

There’s this one..

He/She could be either..

Still thinking that the frizzle mix #1 is a boy. He is very bossy.

This is Hoover.. Thinking Hoover may be a boy as well.

This is the slowest feathering EE chick. Could it be an roo?

**Darn them and messing up their food! I clear it out 3 times a day from shavings *Rolls eyes**

Eedie or her look alike ❤

Bonnie – If feathering in girls is faster, she is definitely a girl. Her brothers born the same day have much less feathering than she does.

The three Frizzle crosses.

This week is supposed to be beautiful outside. I hope to take them out to explore if Janet is ready.


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