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The Big Melt of Spring 2012

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On Thursday we almost broke our temperature record for that day.. We were off by decimal points.. It hit 13 that day, and all the snow melted away. Though it was rather chilly yesterday, the sun was shining, and it felt euphoric. Ask Mabel.

Mabel: “That’s right. Shine on my face sunshine. Mmmm…”


The chickens were so stoked by the sight of grass, that seven had laid by noon, leaving the best part of the day for soaking up the rays.

*Mabel started laying last Friday!**

There were plenty of treasures to discover.. All that scratch I used to tempt them outside with snow on the ground was uncovered. We are going to have a run full of barley, I swear!

The three older young ones were integrated into the flock on Wednesday. There were a few scuffles, but nothing like you could expect. Carlton refuses to admit he is a chicken. Only time will tell if he ventures off to actually mate with his own kind when the time comes.

Jagger has plenty of moves to show the little guy.

Jagger: “Look ladies, I’m flying!”

Girls: *Ignoring*

Carlton could use another bath. I couldn’t get all the duck grime out the first time. I’ll have to wait until it warms up a bit more. He is 100% boy! He is the youngest one I’ve ever seen call his girls to treats (his girls being the ducks).

There goes Martha to claim Carlton’s treat!

On a side note, Martha has a hard time walking.. :/

Steve.. My main man. He’s going to be a father next week for the first time. Only one baby, but I am keeping it. Jagger is going to be a dad 4 times over. We have 2 from Janet, one from Marge and one from Olive at 16 days gestation! They are due to hatch on March 17th.

Janet is doing a bang up job!

Jagger: “I is the king!”

Jagger: “PIGEON!”

Jagger spends almost all of his time trying to impress any/all of the girls. He does have his favourites. I am pleased to say they are all the plus sized girls 😀 – Mabel, Olive, Ruby, Denny and recently Dott. He doesn’t even try to mate McDonalds, Harriet or any of the silkies.

Here it looks like he is going for McDonalds, when he really just spotted Mabel in the corner.

If the wing drop didn’t impress them, he went straight to the waddle wave.

If that failed to impress, he went to pecking their butt fluff.


Someone is molting.. There are white feathers EVERYWHERE. I am guessing Macy, as McDonalds and Denny are laying like crazy.

Lorraine getting her tan on.

Will Dott EVER lay?!


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