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The Chicks Have Arrived!


Having waited for what felt like FOREVER, we finally brought home our eleven chicks! We are not going to keep all of them, as all were sold as straight run anyway. Hopefully we will have a few girls in there 🙂

We bought 3 Mottled Houdans

How could you say ‘no’ to that face?

We bought 2 light EE’s (He claimed they were Ameraucana, but I knew better – I just wanted coloured eggs anyway).

We bought 3 chipmunk patterned EE’s.. Very cute ❤

And three mystery chicks. Their father is a frizzle, so we are HOPING to get at least one frizzle out of the three.

I think the white one on the right is a cockerel. It is one of the mystery chicks. I hope this one will frizzle for us *FINGERS CROSSED*

Here is their makeshift brooder in our spare room. It was the only room left that we could close the door and not have to worry about the cats getting in and helping themselves to a chicken dinner.

Though while supervised, both Dexter and Lilly-Ru showed no aggression what-so-ever.

Dexter was even kind enough to test the temperature out before the chicks arrived. *snickers*

Ahhh.. Just right..

This is my first time having chicks, so the first time I saw this, I kind of worried. They look dead when they bask in the warmth, don’t they?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “The Chicks Have Arrived!

  1. Soooooooooooo cute! I love chicks./ Have fun with them, you’re really going to enjoy them

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