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Bye Bye Ruth..

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Okay.. So I gave him many chances… I loved that duck.. He just refused to leave my chickens alone.. When I caught Ruth on top of Honey, who was stuck in between a chair and a wall, I threw in the towel. I could not have my duck raping my chickens! Ducks do not have the same anatomy that chickens do.. Therefore, if a male duck penetrates a female chicken, it can cause extensive damage/death. I was not risking that any longer..

Here is the last picture of Ruth, the day before I took him back to the breeder. Fortunately they have found him a good home as a pet duck. He will be much happier with his own species that he can mate freely.

The chickens seemed relieved that day.. I was even gifted with my first EIGHT egg day! Harriet laid her first egg, and boy was it BIG! πŸ˜€

When I brought Ruth back to Dave, he gladly exchanged him for a new (and hopefully female) khakki campbell duckling (age is under 2 months old). I also bought one of her hatch mates, and a protective chick that was the only chick in with four ducks and one goose. I thought it was a girl.. She was so dirty from the ducks.. I could have sworn it was a pullet..

Almost 100% sure that this is really a cockerel. Oh well.. He’s beautiful!

You can see his ducks in the background. They are HIS. He does not like to be separated from them. He protects them, preens them, finds them food.. He is already more of a man than Jagger is, and he is less than 2 months old!

We are naming him Carlton. If it is a girl (which I highly doubt), we will rename her Murtle.

Oh and in other news, Janet is broody! She has been sitting on eggs since early Saturday, and they are developing! πŸ˜€

She is such a good broody. She will not get out unless we force her, and when she does, she does everything very fast so she can get back to sitting on her precious babies ❀

Don’t you think Carlton will make a great mate for Janet in the future? (by the way, he is a partridge cochin)

The ducks – Bertha & Martha. Martha is much smaller, and loves to be cuddled. Boy are they loud compared to Macy! Shocking in comparison.. Right now they have full run of my mud room. It’s still pretty cold outside right now, and Martha & Carlton are not fully feathered. Bertha seems in perfect shape to go outside, but I am not doing that without the support of her brood-mates.

This weekend we are going to get our chicks! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€


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