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Ruby’s on Board!


Finally something worth mentioning! The winter has been cold and boring for the chickens. I wish we lived in a place where snow was uncommon, and the daily highs made it above the freezing point, but we don’t. Our chickens don’t know any different, but I still miss seeing them foraging in the grass. It’s not like I close them up all winter.. I try to get them outside into the fresh air, but they are not having it!

Despite all this, the chickens are happy and healthy. Ruby FINALLY laid her first egg last Monday! Dylan and I toasted her at dinner that night. We have been waiting for what seems like years for her to lay. Ruby came to live with us in November.. She looked ready to lay at that point.. However, she was not.

She spent months going in and out of the nesting box.. Playing with our heart-strings. We have called her so many names (to her face), and still nothing. Begging and insulting does not work for Miss Ruby.

Last Friday I said.. she is going to lay this weekend.. I feel it.. I wasn’t too far off! It was one BIG first egg!

As well as that good news, Pearl finally laid another egg today. It’s been seen January 24th.

It’s starting to warm up outside. The days are getting longer, and the snow seems to be melting (I’m optimistic). We could be picking up our five frizzle chicks this weekend if all goes well. I am so excited! I have never had chicks before. The youngest chicken I’ve had was 8 weeks old. This is going to be fun.


2 thoughts on “Ruby’s on Board!

  1. Chicks are so cute- you’re really going to enjoy them!

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