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They had a big blowout on lettuce at the supermarket this weekend. I went a little crazy.. I bought 18 for the chickens. No.. Susan & Dylan are not allowed to eat the chicken’s lettuce. Despite how desperately they may want a salad.

During the summer/fall months, the chickens really didn’t like lettuce all that well.. They go crazy over it now. They can’t get enough of it.

Enjoy these pictures of my flock loving their hanging treat.

My barred rocks are the biggest fans.

On top of the lettuce purchase, I splurged for a temporary ‘tub’ for the ducks. I may have to place them in it, but they enjoy it once I do (at least Ruth does).

Last week sometime we had a seven egg day. Our first seven egg day so far. They all wanted to lay at the exact same time, so we had six chickens in three nesting boxes. This can create a bit of a squishy situation.. Especially when Olive (Sausage Fingers) is involved.

Poor Marge…

Marge has been laying for 24 days straight since I started counting. She just beat Penny’s record!


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