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The Search for Coloured Eggs

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I don’t have a whole lot to update on this week. Everyone is healthy and happy. Ruby is driving us nuts by laying in the box, nesting and still not laying an egg.. No one has started laying this week..

I have spent the past few days searching EVERYWHERE for coloured egg layers to add to my flock. So far I’ve come up with a few choices.

Naked Neck Turkens that lay deep green eggs. This breeder is the head of the Moncton Fur and Feather Club, so he is well known and trustworthy. He used to raise Araucanas, but got out of that a few years back. He bred the egg colour gene into his naked neck turkens, and has three hens that lay green eggs, and a rooster who is from a different line (without the egg colour gene). Therefore we COULD get some that lay green eggs, and some that don’t. He has barred NNs, and other colours.

We found someone that bought from Ideal Poultry in the states – they have EE’s. All lay blue/green eggs. I have pictures from her.

These are what her girls look like. I think they are adorable.

I have an option for PURE Ameraucana from a breeder. She only has ONE hen and ONE rooster, and her girl has not started laying yet from the winter break.

I have also placed an order for five barred rock chicks from a line that is known in the Maritimes for their beautiful birds.

This is what the roosters look like.

and the hens.

We have also spoke with someone about getting Frizzles. Soon we will have lots of chicks. Any extras, we will sell at the poultry show in June. Thought I’d post something, since it’s been a while.


One thought on “The Search for Coloured Eggs

  1. I have an Easter Egger, she is supposed to lay colored eggs. She either doesn’t lay eggs or her eggs are not colored. 🙂 She looks just like the chicken in the photo, with the “fuzzy cheeks”. Was you able to see my chicken photos?

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