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Jagger’s Got the Looks, and the Moves!


I could really go on and on about my Jagger. He is so handsome… He’s becoming more and more mature every day.

His wattles and comb have tripled since we brought him home in October. His body has probably tripled as well. So many people voice their rooster issues several times a day, but this boy does not have a mean bone in his body.

He’s curious, gentle, and loves to call his girls to food. The only thing I can say with any negative impact on his part is how loud his crow is. He crows often, and that’s okay by me. I’ll tell you that if he is close by, it makes your ears ring.

This weekend I spent the majority of my free time outside with the chickens. Taking pictures, sitting with them and laughing at their antics. I think my continued presence is what has Jagger calm and collected when I am around.

When Dylan comes in, he heads straight for the coop.

Because when Dylan enters the room….

… He likes to pick Jagger up. Jagger doesn’t like to be picked up. I don’t do it, because it causes such panic and stress.

Jagger: “This is wrong on so many levels…”

Does the handling embarrass him? He sure makes it seem that way.

Don’t get your wattles all in a knot Jagger.. The girls like a sensitive man.

Jagger usually stays a safe distance away from human contact. However, he will eat out of my hand easily.

He trusts me.

Recently it seems that Steve has felt threatened of Jagger taking over his role as top dog.

Steve easily stops Jagger from mating whenever he feels like it. Jagger KNOWS that Steve is alpha rooster. How long will it take for Jagger to realize he is 4 times the size of Steve?

He sure is something to look at.. Am I biased? Does anyone else think he is stunningly handsome? ANYONE?

Marge thinks so 😉

Oh Jagger.. Now that is more embarrassing than being held by Daddy Dylan…

Jagger: “IS something on my face?!”


4 thoughts on “Jagger’s Got the Looks, and the Moves!

  1. He is a handsome fellow!

  2. you shoulden’t have that much cuteness! mabey i can get him off your hands…………….

  3. RIP Jagger… He was such a handsome fellow, too…

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