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Friends of the Chickens

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Our little neighbour, Olivia, was not too happy when she heard we were moving – WITH the Chickens. Now the only old people she likes are her grandparents. *Remember that the old folk’s residence is the reason that we have to leave in the first place*

Olivia is one of our many frequent chicken visitors. We have many that stop by on a weekly basis.

They all adore the ground the chickens poop on.

All the chickens are relatively easy to catch thanks to the regular handling by countless individuals around the neighbourhood.

Those oldies are really doing our village an injustice by making us move the chickens, and therefore ourselves.

Here are some of our various supporters around the area. We have many more, but haven’t had the camera handy when they were visiting.

Olivia of course.

Our biggest supporter, Susie. One of the owners of the day-care behind us.

Rachel – one of our best round up artists 😛

Willow – A regular visitor during warm weather.

Rebecca and her brother (can’t remember the name for the life of me!) love collecting eggs with us.

There is my nephew, Parker. He was so excited to be there when Dixie laid her first egg!

Some of the day-care kids enjoying quality time with a few of our hens.

Now why would someone want to take away the joy of knowing where your food comes from? I don’t understand..

We will go, but delight in the fact that we HAVE made a difference in the lives of the children all around us. We have taught them where their eggs come from, why it matters that the livestock you raise for eggs are treated with respect and given the proper amount of room to grow and flourish – rather than those factory farms who’s chickens have no chance of feeling the sun’s rays caress their feathers or even get the chance to walk around on the luscious grass chickens so love.

I sure will miss all of these friends, but we will make more. I’m sure of it.


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