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Changes and Transformations!

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Thought I would do a post on each of my girls/guys and the changes they went through while in my care. It’s in order by arrival.


Picture taken late August 2011

Early January 2012. She has changed A LOT.


Picture taken August 2nd 2011 (the day we brought her home)

Here she is mid-January 2012


Picture taken late August 2011

Here she is last Friday (January 27th 2012)


Late September 2011 – we brought him home September 24th 2011. He probably was one of the least to change, because he was already full grown when we purchased him 🙂

Mid-January 2012


September 24th 2011 – age was 8 weeks old.

Early January 2012 – She has gotten so big!


Picture was taken mid-October 2011. Denny was purchased September 24th 2011 – and was over a year at the time. She will be two this spring. My oldest hen, but a great layer, and my head girl!

Picture taken yesterday. She could be younger than I mentioned. However, she did experience a full molt and is back to laying as of two weeks ago.


Brought home with the others on September 24th 2011 – age 8 weeks or so.

One of my best looking girls! She has such beautiful lacing, and is so soft to the touch.


Brought Penny home October 13th 2011 – pictures are right around that time.

Penny – Early January 2012. Going through a molt full force, and continues to lay eggs like a machine! She was almost a year old when we bought her, and started laying this summer.


Marge – mid October. Brought her home with Penny and Jagger on October 13th 2011

Here she is on January 27th 2012. Such a huge difference!


Jagger – Mid-October 2011. Purchased October 13th 2011

Here he is January 27th 2012! WOW. He has gotten so big in three months!


October 23rd 2011 – Olive was purchased from a breeder of SQ stock in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here she early January 2012. She’s filled in very well, and is one of my prettiest girls


November 7th is when we brought her home. She was born early summer 2011.

January 26th 2012 Hasn’t changed too much. Has definitely gotten bigger, and her beard has filled out..


November 7th 2011 – She was just a baby. I am assuming around 8 weeks old or so..

Here she is January 27th 2012. She has gotten a lot bigger, but is still so small and cute 🙂


Here she is Late November. Brought her home with the following girls on November 19th 2011

January 27th 2012 – Changes? I can’t see them…


Late November 2011

January 27th 2012. She doesn’t go outside in the snow, so it’s next to impossible to get a decent picture of her *eye roll*


Late November 2011

He has gone through a mega-transformation!


Late November 2011

January 27th 2012 – Not a huge change..


Late November 2011

Late December 2011. I don’t seem to have any in 2012 yet :/ If I do, they don’t show her very well. She hasn’t changed much at all, besides her size.


Late November 2011

January 27th 2012 – Lost a lot of the grey on her head. Her caruncles are also coming in quite nicely 🙂


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