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Bye Bye Ruth..

Okay.. So I gave him many chances… I loved that duck.. He just refused to leave my chickens alone.. When I caught Ruth on top of Honey, who was stuck in between a chair and a wall, I threw in the towel. I could not have my duck raping my chickens! Ducks do not have the same anatomy that chickens do.. Therefore, if a male duck penetrates a female chicken, it can cause extensive damage/death. I was not risking that any longer..

Here is the last picture of Ruth, the day before I took him back to the breeder. Fortunately they have found him a good home as a pet duck. He will be much happier with his own species that he can mate freely.

The chickens seemed relieved that day.. I was even gifted with my first EIGHT egg day! Harriet laid her first egg, and boy was it BIG! 😀

When I brought Ruth back to Dave, he gladly exchanged him for a new (and hopefully female) khakki campbell duckling (age is under 2 months old). I also bought one of her hatch mates, and a protective chick that was the only chick in with four ducks and one goose. I thought it was a girl.. She was so dirty from the ducks.. I could have sworn it was a pullet..

Almost 100% sure that this is really a cockerel. Oh well.. He’s beautiful!

You can see his ducks in the background. They are HIS. He does not like to be separated from them. He protects them, preens them, finds them food.. He is already more of a man than Jagger is, and he is less than 2 months old!

We are naming him Carlton. If it is a girl (which I highly doubt), we will rename her Murtle.

Oh and in other news, Janet is broody! She has been sitting on eggs since early Saturday, and they are developing! 😀

She is such a good broody. She will not get out unless we force her, and when she does, she does everything very fast so she can get back to sitting on her precious babies ❤

Don’t you think Carlton will make a great mate for Janet in the future? (by the way, he is a partridge cochin)

The ducks – Bertha & Martha. Martha is much smaller, and loves to be cuddled. Boy are they loud compared to Macy! Shocking in comparison.. Right now they have full run of my mud room. It’s still pretty cold outside right now, and Martha & Carlton are not fully feathered. Bertha seems in perfect shape to go outside, but I am not doing that without the support of her brood-mates.

This weekend we are going to get our chicks! Can’t wait! 😀


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They had a big blowout on lettuce at the supermarket this weekend. I went a little crazy.. I bought 18 for the chickens. No.. Susan & Dylan are not allowed to eat the chicken’s lettuce. Despite how desperately they may want a salad.

During the summer/fall months, the chickens really didn’t like lettuce all that well.. They go crazy over it now. They can’t get enough of it.

Enjoy these pictures of my flock loving their hanging treat.

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Ruby’s on Board!

Finally something worth mentioning! The winter has been cold and boring for the chickens. I wish we lived in a place where snow was uncommon, and the daily highs made it above the freezing point, but we don’t. Our chickens don’t know any different, but I still miss seeing them foraging in the grass. It’s not like I close them up all winter.. I try to get them outside into the fresh air, but they are not having it!

Despite all this, the chickens are happy and healthy. Ruby FINALLY laid her first egg last Monday! Dylan and I toasted her at dinner that night. We have been waiting for what seems like years for her to lay. Ruby came to live with us in November.. She looked ready to lay at that point.. However, she was not.

She spent months going in and out of the nesting box.. Playing with our heart-strings. We have called her so many names (to her face), and still nothing. Begging and insulting does not work for Miss Ruby.

Last Friday I said.. she is going to lay this weekend.. I feel it.. I wasn’t too far off! It was one BIG first egg!

As well as that good news, Pearl finally laid another egg today. It’s been seen January 24th.

It’s starting to warm up outside. The days are getting longer, and the snow seems to be melting (I’m optimistic). We could be picking up our five frizzle chicks this weekend if all goes well. I am so excited! I have never had chicks before. The youngest chicken I’ve had was 8 weeks old. This is going to be fun.

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The Search for Coloured Eggs

I don’t have a whole lot to update on this week. Everyone is healthy and happy. Ruby is driving us nuts by laying in the box, nesting and still not laying an egg.. No one has started laying this week..

I have spent the past few days searching EVERYWHERE for coloured egg layers to add to my flock. So far I’ve come up with a few choices.

Naked Neck Turkens that lay deep green eggs. This breeder is the head of the Moncton Fur and Feather Club, so he is well known and trustworthy. He used to raise Araucanas, but got out of that a few years back. He bred the egg colour gene into his naked neck turkens, and has three hens that lay green eggs, and a rooster who is from a different line (without the egg colour gene). Therefore we COULD get some that lay green eggs, and some that don’t. He has barred NNs, and other colours.

We found someone that bought from Ideal Poultry in the states – they have EE’s. All lay blue/green eggs. I have pictures from her.

These are what her girls look like. I think they are adorable.

I have an option for PURE Ameraucana from a breeder. She only has ONE hen and ONE rooster, and her girl has not started laying yet from the winter break.

I have also placed an order for five barred rock chicks from a line that is known in the Maritimes for their beautiful birds.

This is what the roosters look like.

and the hens.

We have also spoke with someone about getting Frizzles. Soon we will have lots of chicks. Any extras, we will sell at the poultry show in June. Thought I’d post something, since it’s been a while.


Jagger’s Got the Looks, and the Moves!

I could really go on and on about my Jagger. He is so handsome… He’s becoming more and more mature every day.

His wattles and comb have tripled since we brought him home in October. His body has probably tripled as well. So many people voice their rooster issues several times a day, but this boy does not have a mean bone in his body.

He’s curious, gentle, and loves to call his girls to food. The only thing I can say with any negative impact on his part is how loud his crow is. He crows often, and that’s okay by me. I’ll tell you that if he is close by, it makes your ears ring. Continue reading

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Friends of the Chickens

Our little neighbour, Olivia, was not too happy when she heard we were moving – WITH the Chickens. Now the only old people she likes are her grandparents. *Remember that the old folk’s residence is the reason that we have to leave in the first place*

Olivia is one of our many frequent chicken visitors. We have many that stop by on a weekly basis.

They all adore the ground the chickens poop on. Continue reading