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Wendy Gets a Bath


Dirty crest not completely clean from last weeks bath + yoghurt smoothie mishap from Friday night = another bubble bath required.

To bathe a chicken you need the following:

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • 1-2 Towels
  • 2 Dollar Store Dish pan (1 soapy, 1 rinse water)
  • Mug to pour water
  • Blow Dryer
  • Camera
  • Chicken

Wendy was so excited! Look at that face. She’s just so relaxed in her bubble bath Smiley

I swear, she was bawking obscenities under her breath.

It was not an easy task. Wendy is known to fall asleep in the bath, so I had to watch her closely, and keep her head above water. She has dunked it in the bubbles various times during previous spa treatments. Smiley

I lathered all her feathers, paying particular attention to her butt fluff. I save her crest for the very end, as it’s an upside down dunking experience.

Suck it up Wendy! You can’t be a house chicken when you smell like chicken!

There is a stink eye under all those feathers, I’m sure.

Since pictures of dunking her crest would not be friendly, nor flattering, here is one post-dunk. Her top-hat is extremely heavy with water.

Wendy: “If you take a picture, I will kill you.”

Now look at that transformation! Wasn’t it worth all that hard work? 20 minutes in bath + nearly 30 minutes worth of blow-drying (if not more) = chicken who smells only a  little like a chicken.

Wendy: “Erase those pictures now woman! Where is the delete button?!”

Wendy has been doing well inside. I’ve made her another diaper for backup, and she is still terrorizing my cats. Chloe was not impressed when Wendy started eating leftovers off of the same plate she had battled Koda for.

No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog post. 


3 thoughts on “Wendy Gets a Bath

  1. I just love reading your blog! 🙂

  2. Too funny!!

  3. Love your blog! 🙂

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