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Silkie Eggs!

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Our girls are on a roll! We got our first silkie egg on Tuesday. 😀

Now.. Question is.. Who did it?!

Was it Lorraine or was it Pearl? If I had to guess – I would say Pearl. She has been squatting and mating with Steve for a good week. The mystery egg was found on a straw bale yesterday, so that is a huge determining factor for me. Pearl loves the straw bales. Lorraine, not so much.

Lorraine’s pelvic bones are also very close together.. Doesn’t seem far enough apart to pass an egg. On the other hand, Pearl’s opening is wider and able.

I am doing a stake-out tomorrow. I need to know who it is.

In other topics, I am overflowing with eggs!

I love saying that. I’m glowing with pride.

Good girls!

Now for some not so great news…


I received a letter telling me I have to remove my chickens within 30 days. We spoke with the mayor – asking for an extension until mid-April. We are moving our flock to Susan’s parents house while we put our house up for sale. We will be living there from April – October at least. Hopefully we will find a new place to live after our house sells.

I am angry, but I am NEVER giving up my birds. Our village’s bi-law did not state that livestock was prohibited, but it didn’t state it was allowed either. Really huge bummer, but we always wanted to move somewhere more secluded anyway. I did not know our village was considered residential. It is so tiny.. It feels like it is in the middle of nowhere (it really is)… What makes me really angry is they said our little farm was depreciating the value of their property.. This was from a senior’s home. Like their operation does not depreciate MY PROPERTY VALUE. Smiley

Want to know something else? They believe MY chickens will make THEM sick, without even coming in direct contact with them. How stupid is that?

Not going to talk about this matter again in the blog. I do not want to get all worked up again. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

*End Rant*


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