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The Chickens have Cabin Fever!


The chickens have started migrating outside, in spite of the white stuff they loathe.

I know they do not like it, but are beginning to ignore it in hopes of finding some glorious grass. Thankfully it hasn’t been too cold out lately, only averaging around -5 degrees for the past week (or 23 for those Americans reading).

The only one who doesn’t want to venture out is Mabel. She never lets me pick her up, but this time she did not protest. Once I had her, she refused to get off my lap – her new saving grace from the wet, disgusting mess covering her beloved grass.

This is her unimpressed look.

Mabel: “Guys.. Can’t we go in yet?!”

I see a lot of them raising their feet outside. I’m wondering if it is from the cold, or just their general distaste of the snow.

Pearl seems very interested in Jagger’s toes πŸ˜›

Has anyone else had a rooster that nests? I have noticed Steve getting in the same nesting position as the girls, making perfect little indents for eggs. I have heard of roosters showing their girls the nesting boxes, but he is doing it on the ground, in the straw.

I hope this means Lorraine will be laying shortly??

Come on Lorraine! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I need to have a talk with her when I get home.. Hopefully she will be ready to lay for me by spring…

Last year at this time, we had so much snow..

We broke all time record for the amount of snow on the ground. I spent $200 alone for ploughing alone in February.. That would mean it was over 15 cm each plough @ $25 each time.. You get the idea.. That’s 8 days we received snowfall that exceeded 15 cm each time.

We have less than 2 cm right now. It’s WONDERFUL!

On another note..

Ruth is really starting to develop his drake curl. I am shocked with how quickly he went from looking like a girl (nearly 2 months ago) and how manly he looks today.

Here he is the first day we brought him home.. Thinking HE was a SHE.. Oops.. Once we get a pet, we have a hard time letting go.. Unless they are mean.. Then we can manage. Although this never applies for our dogs and cats. Have I ever mentioned that I own the catΒ equivalentΒ of the devil?

I did have another rooster and pullet we sold as a duo to the same guy we got Steve from. He is going to use the male in breeding, and the female sadly passed away. They were so skittish and the rooster attacked Susan :/

We called him Arnold SchwartzenEGGER. He was a blue cochin. He was in an awkward stage here, but he looks so pretty now πŸ™‚

LOOKIT my baby Mabel! ❀ She was so tiny and cute!

Steve: “You know you want this? Check out my sexiness πŸ˜‰ Yeah.. Can’t handle it can you?”


Wendy will have NOTHING to do with the boys. She does not squat. I will be surprised if she ever lays!

This is the entire reason they weather the storm. GRASS. Wonderful, delectable, healthy, beautiful GRASS!

McDonalds is my best forager. She is the fastest and flightiest of all my chickens. I assume that’s the Silver Spangled Hamburg in her.

Ida is so very small. I can’t imagine her weighing more than a pound. She is doing so well outdoors too.

***Sorry if I go off topic πŸ˜‰ I am known to do that. Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to comment! πŸ˜€


11 thoughts on “The Chickens have Cabin Fever!

  1. I love your blog and your chicken stories! πŸ™‚

  2. Your blog is great!! Love the pics of all your chickens. We’ve discovered that we love farming as well. What was suppose to be a 3-4 flock of layers is now a flock of 3 silkies, 3 chantecler, 10 australorp chicks, 8 delaware chicks, 6 partridge rocks cross and 4 barred rock chicks. We had our first egg one week ago today, and my eager boyfriend put straight in the incubator. We have our fingers cross for a chick now. Keep on blogging, I just love it! πŸ™‚

    • Congrats on your first egg! Usually it’s best to wait until the eggs are a bigger size, but if it is a regular sized egg, I say go for it. I’ve never had a fertile first egg though, so I’d say it’s best to save a few more just in case the first doesn’t develop.

      Thanks for reading my blog, means a lot! Are you from Canada? I don’t see many people in the USA who own Chantecler!

      • Not only are we from Canada, but we are from the same province as.you I believe. We got our chantecler trio in St-Charles. I believe the one.that is layer was already laying when.we.got her as we got.them the Saturday and we got.the one.egg on Monday. We put the first and second egg in the bator and.they seem to be getting.heavier, I put the light trough them on Monday, it would have been one.week old, and it’s full of vein looking lines and a dark spot. Yesterday the temperature rose 4 degrees in there, I don’t know if its because the chicks are forming or because we had a kick ass hot day. Very hopefull πŸ™‚
        On the other hand, I am somewhat concerned about one.of.my silkies being bullied by her sister, she wont even sleep on the roost with the rooster and.the bully, she is.much smaller and thinner and the bully plucks her head feathers. She loves being picked up and being pet. I’m debating wether or not I should seperate and isolate her or the bully. I will have to do something as I would hate to.loose.her.
        Anyway I’m glad I discovered your blog, I love reading it, you make us look a little less fanaticand a.tad more normal.
        Did I mention we.have 5 pigs with that πŸ˜€

        • New Brunswick? Is St-Charles in Ontario?

          Is the bully a silkie as well? Hmm. I keep all my silkies separate because of the bullying. I would isolate, or get rid of the bully. It’s your best bet. Is the one being picked on sick? Sometimes they will try to remove their weakest link by attacking them. I hope that is not the case. Mine never attack a sick one. They seem sombre and stick around any ailing flock-mates.

          Good luck with your hatch! I probably won’t do anything else besides maybe some silkies πŸ˜› They are the cutest little babies!

          • Yes New Brunwick, we’re from Tracadie. St-Charles is by Richibucto.

            Yes the bully is a Silkie, my silkies are the only ones I let free range for now, and they have their own cage to which they return at night. she doesn’t seem sick, but I think I will isolate the bully see if that makes a difference. I really want to keep them both, as I had planned for them to be my brood hens for my other breeds, as I don’t want my other ones to get broody, I want them laying. The silkies haven’t started laying yet, but are ready to do so. I’ve put golf balls in the nests but hardly any interest yet.

            And I don’t blame you for wanting to breed silkies, they are so frigging cute!!!! You’re Steve is some cute! πŸ™‚

            Why is it that chicken become such a passion/obsession!?!?!?!

        • Lise,

          Wow you aren’t all that far from us. We are 5 minutes from Shediac. My mother & father in-law go up to Miramachi every week to camp.

          That question is lost with me. I have no idea how it became such an obsession. It’s constant. I am always thinking about them in the back of my mind πŸ™‚ They really know how to win you over right!?

          Have they grown up together? The silkies? It seems odd that one is that aggressive to the other. Mine only get aggressive when brooding chicks. I do feel bad for my poor roos around the big roosters. George has been hiding on the wood pile for several days. He hasn’t yet realized that I have fenced the big boys off. He’s a sob story!

          • Cool, so really just a couple hours away from us.

            Yeah I bought them as a trio, they were in the same cage where I bought them, the 2 hens and the little roo, but they were not free, so lets just say they LOVE scratching the grass around the chicks run and they seem to be saying “ahah, we’re free,,,,you’re not”. My bf is too nervous to let them all out, I think I’ll have to get a guard dog to put him at ease, I got some work to do to convince him of that though, especially since the great pyrenees are expensive!

        • I paid $350 for Clementine.

          I suggest getting something else. Or get something already trained. They take A LOT of work. I wish I had have known just how much.

          I haven’t experienced a single predator yet. I think it’s the nocturnal ones we have to worry about. Foxes, Coyotes, Coons, Mink, Skunks. The only daytime predator I can think of are stray dogs and possibly bald eagles. Mine watch for birds of prey and run to the woods for cover.

          They must be appreciating their freedom then!

          I’m taking at least three of my silkies to the fair for show this weekend in Petitcodiac! Can’t wait πŸ˜€

          • Talking about fair, isn’t there a Fur & Feather show somewhere, sometimes soon? You can email me if you want instead of filling your blog with a bunch of replies…lolllll….up to you. lisedoiron@live.ca

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