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Mystery Egg…

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I am so confused! On Friday we had an extra egg the exact same colour as Dixie’s … But nothing until yesterday.. Daddy Dylan came across a mystery egg that was as dark as Penny’s eggs, but smaller. I don’t think it was Penny, as she is in a serious molt. Who could it be!? It’s driving me crazy!!!

McDonalds is the only egg I can distinguish right now. It’s so unique. Always in the same nest box.. Always the same colour and size.. Dixie has always been less reliable, but there was a Dixie egg + this mystery one..

My question is.. Who done it?!

Could it have been Ruby? She is definitely old enough to lay.. However, her comb is so tiny..

Could it have been Olive? Her wattles and comb have been getting much more red and larger.. She has been squatting, but not enough to make me suspicious..

Could it be Marge? She’s been getting louder – just like Dixie did before she started laying.. But she has been squatting for months!

Or is it Dott? Dott has been eyeing the nesting boxes lately.. Has become more friendly and laid back.. And of course the redness in her face is suspicious..

I would love to hear your thoughts! I have other girls, but none are on my radar for laying..

There is Lorraine (29 weeks) – her eggs would be white. She better start soon! 😛

Honey – 23 weeks. Comb is so small and pink.. Not ready yet.

Harriet – 23 weeks

Harriet squats, but eggs would be white.

Mabel – 23 weeks. Comb is small, but has been squatting since she was 14 weeks old.

Janet – Over 30 weeks, but molting and has not squatted or shown any signs of being ready, but it could possibly be her..

There’s the twins (Ida & Pearl), but they are so tiny.. their eggs would be white anyway.

Denny will be two next spring, and molting, but it COULD be her. The egg was similar colouring (from what I can remember) of Denny’s eggs.

Wendy – She is 9 months old and hasn’t laid an egg her entire life. They wouldn’t be brown, so I am not even putting her in the guessing poll. 😛


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